Ok. I get this now. On the healthy side of one, I'm starting to realize how much I love being self disciplined and what a good thing it is for me. (Being on here is bad self discipline. Bad Brainheart!)

Also, poor grammar drives me nuts. I have type one grammarian parents who were always correcting me so I always try to suppress this in myself. But sometimes it gets to be too much and I can't take it anymore. Then I explode and just start correcting people all over the place- You should be using an adverb not an adjective! AAHHHHH! As a kid I loved diagramming sentences. It seriously was one of my highlights of elementary school, pathetic as that sounds.

I can also be prim, proper, and overly moralistic at times, not to mention hypercritical of others.

What I don't agree with is I'm not a rule-follower (minus the grammar thing). My one-ish qualities are very internal/introverted feeling values, so it's not external rules/values/standards.