I chronically underfeed my body and deprive it of sleep. Although I love physical disciplines like yoga and martial arts I havent dne them for over 10yrs now. It was about a decade ago that I became for the first time in my life interested in my body. Mainly because somehow I dropped a lot of weight and discovered there was a tiny little package hiding under all that bloating (wheat hates me). I was able to wear my natural size clothing (AU 6, US 2) after despairing that I would never be any smaller than a dumpy 12. I maintained what I considersed to be perfect figure for a good 10yrs. But then I over identified with my body and also became quite vain. An accident marred my face and I lost all interest in my body again. Something along the lines of, if this is all going to be gone one day, why bother with it at all. And here I am pretending I am not a physical being at all.