I definitely tend to be less as more with regards to social interactions.If it's something work-related, I like to engage in only the minimum amount of communication to get the job done. I tend to get irritated in conversations at work someone engages in "extra" communication, because then I feel as though I am expected to match that level of engagement. I perceive asking this of me to be unfair. It's as though they are imposing an obligation on me to observe certain "forms" that have nothing to do with the issue we're actually solving. For instance, asking me "How are you?" demands a response from me, yet no information is being exchanged, and I'm getting no emotional pleasure out of it. It just eats up time we could have used to solve what's going on with the email account, or something. These "forms" are draining for me, because these conversations usually have very little to offer to feed my Ti.

Another example is discomfort when people not in my "inner circle" ask about current events, like the Boston bombing. My usual response to tragedies is humor, but I can't use that on a professional level, because I might offend people who don't go in for that kind of humor, so I have to devote energy to finding an "appropriate" response. All for something that has nothing to do with the purpose of the telephone call!

(It's not that I don't feel anything. It's more that I don't see a point to expressing those feelings, since most people are going to be on the same page, and I'm not going to learn anything by doing so. I think the way I handle this stuff is very Alpha Quadra. It's also that it's a pretty strong feeling, and frankly, I won't express strong feelings voluntarily unless I reach a certain point in my relationship with someone.)

I definitely hoard books, or obscure/quirky odds and ends I stumble upon and can get cheaply. I also like eating well, so a lot of my disposable income is directed towards food.

I suppose I could be more generous with regards to emotional displays, but it really doesn't come easy.