I was just reading about Cultures of Honor again, and the Southern U.S. is traditionally considered an honor culture, as are Japan and several other Far East cultures.

Cultures of Honor are defined by what most Jungian studying people would call Fe standards: giving as little offense as possible, and punishing those who do.

However, they are also characterized by things like chivalry toward women, which can result in putting women on a pedestal, but also placating them like pouty children; in this culture, though, the alternative would be to treat them like men, which is unacceptable, since men are usually "punished' by acts of violence and extremely strong acts of retribution.

Apparently people from cultures of honor are MORE LIKELY TO INTERPRET PERSONAL OFFENSE than people who are not.

I was told this is because I have Fi, because I'm an E6, because I'm "unhealthy" or irrational...but apparently this is a feature of the culture in which I was raised, to be reactive, to see personal offense in generally offensive behavior, and to even be vindictively vengeful in the face of immoral or unethical behavior.

Are Southerners more likely to culturally type as E6?

This changes everything. It really makes me want to examine some things.