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    lol, yeah I'm in the god realm. *flexes* Makes sense, considering last week I just gathered 2 of the most well known parkour instructors in colorado and plan on starting a gym and eventually making oodles of cash.

    I'm gonna start a post on this topic.

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    I am a 9w1 core who puts a lot of emphasis on identity. People accusing me of lacking introspection stings on multiple levels, but I understand that the fact I push down the negative does distort my view on things. With the yucky stuff, I push it down, but the stuff I associate with me, my interests, traits that other people who I value see in me, my strengths, weaknesses I have admitted, everything that goes into that, if something that were a key part of me were put to the question, it would be a lot for me to swallow. I have the ability to step onside of a situation, see it from different perspectives, but there are certain cases where my perspective gets lost. I do question things though. Some of my motivations behind what I do what I do, why I tend to focus on certain aspects of certain things have gotten buried.

    Maybe it's due to negative experiences in the past, but these issues need to be worked out. When forced to face problems headon, I'm completely unequipped to do so. Getting a second opinion from people who I trust and care about often helps. The people with a negative opinion sometimes shake my view on myself, but those who know me well and have a more balanced view on me are more helpful. Getting alone time to reflect on my actions, my thoughts can also help. It takes a while to process but it's a step.
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    I can be guilty of lacking self awareness and all that as I do tend to merge and pick up on other peoples energy but I do think my 9 is at times very self aware as it is inward looking and in a way I am dealing with anger and stuff inside which leads to a degree of internal analysis of myself.
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    It feels like I have lots of it and none of it at the same time. I'm a pretty introspective person and a lot of why I like typology is so I can learn about myself. But 9s merge, and I merge hard. Not to mention being triple attachment. I'll pick up on things like people's interests and catchphrases. I know what I like, and at the same time I'm like, "Yeah, I like just about everything"(which I do to a point). Ask me how I feel about something, I'll be ambivalent. Then when a situation arises, it hits me how I feel. It's hard to give myself a label since I'm so go with the flow, dabbling in a little of this, a little of that. But I guess I'm just well-rounded.
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