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Thread: Ownership.

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    Default Ownership.

    What in the world or existence do you feel actually belongs to you? If you were pressed to extremes, and things were taken away from you, how would you react?

    In other words, how does your avarice manifest?
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    I'm an 8, not a 5, but if someone took things away from me, it wouldn't be about the specific things. I would protect my things because I don't stand for someone overpowering me. If someone wanted to take my money for instance, I would tell them to fuck off. But that's the same money that I would gladly spend on someone else, or lend to someone of my own accord. Letting someone else take it from me... simply wouldn't happen. They would have to physically overpower me to do so, and they'd be wise to kill me so they won't have to deal with me afterwards.

    But if you're asking what I would grab if my house was on fire but I was alone in the house and I had a few minutes to save things, I'd go for my hard drives (with all my creative work on them - music, photos, and writing), my Gibson SG guitar, which I'm quite attached to (pictured in my signature photo), and my crystal ball, which inspired some of my writing. If I had to pack my life into a car and flee the area, I'd pack the aforementioned things along with my diaries, because I worked out novel ideas and other creative stuff in my diaries. No other property that I own is that dear to me that I'd miss it if it burned.

    Really, if it came down to it, I'd still be me without those things. My novel gets e-mailed to myself and I know my songs by heart; plus my engineer has a copy of my first album. So those things would still exist whether I possessed them or not. However, if my album and my book were wiped out of existence, I have to admit I'd feel jipped, and pissed off, and very demoralized. I would still be the same person though, and eventually I'd resume creating more books and music.

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    Online cloud storage, Maybe.

    thinking of you

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    I think I'm in general far more concerned about ideas than I am the material world. For example, feel free to take my computer but only after you allow me to dump all the information stored on it. Similarly, feel free to take away my home as long as you give me roof over my head and leave me alone in peace and never bother me. I don't care if you seek company or if you think it's necessary to see me. I'm the one who decides when and if I seek others out, you don't. Anything else is an interruption and I feel like my energy and time is taken away from me.

    You are however not allowed to take away my cats from me. They're mine. Aside that, in a general sense I'm inclined to say freedom is what I treasure the most. Freedom to think, freedom to be who I am, freedom to not be disturbed by other people, freedom to live my life how I want. Everything else is seen as inconveniences that I rather leave out of my life.

    With that said, I also want to stress that I'm pretty sharing with my ideas. I for example claim no copyright on any of the artwork I upload on DeviantArt with a few exceptions and I don't care if I later find out that someone took that signature I made, retouched it a little and used it in something else. Actually, the idea of others finding my ideas useful to them is rather flattering. It's kind of what I wrote before that I'd love to one day write a book about some great finding and publish it, but I don't care about putting my name on the front. It's sufficient for me to know that it's my idea and that people are reading the book and feel inspired and use this idea in their own way, transforming it with their minds.

    So when I say that I want to dump all the information stored on say, my computer first before you take it away, it's only because a lot of the work I have is unfinished and even if I won't finish it before I die I want the freedom to be able to finish it one day as a possibility. I can't if the information itself is lost in the ether and my memory is too poor to remember all the specific details pertaining each idea.

    Once the idea is a finished product or has some kind of substance however, I'll gladly share it with anyone who'd be interested in it. I think that's more an example of counter-avarice though.

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    Even my thoughts are fleeting.

    But for shits, whatever I lay claim to.

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    My avarice manifests in different ways. In one way, my time, energy, and effort are my own. They are no one else's. They are either freely given or not given at all. It can also manifest materially. I'm a pack rat and a collector, and can get quite territorial about my physical space.

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    Similar to what’s been said above, it doesn’t especially manifest regarding material assets for me. I can be incredibly stingy with my time and attention. I resent the hamster wheel- I’d rather earn less and be in firm control of how my time and energy get spent. I hoard affection too- my own, I mean how I dole it out, not in the sense of needing it from others. Generally any expectations from others can make me feel stretched too thin very easily.
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