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    Default The differences between thinking styles

    5s, 6s and 7s, how do you think about the world around you? Most members of the head types tend to be intellectual in some way, how does this intellectuality manifest in you? What is it that you seek in life? How do you use your thinking to go on about grabbing it? It would also be interesting if you could post some "mind chatter" in relation to something that happened during the day. Other types welcome to respond too but please state your head fix and core if so.

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    Let's say I do something unconsciously. What I mean is, I do it automatically, without having thought about my action first (why I'm acting, what I expect of it) or voluntarily gotten myself into a situation where I would expect to act reflexively.

    My first reaction, upon noticing this, is surprise. Why would I act outside of my control? What compelled me, is there some part of myself I don't know about, motivation within myself I haven't acknowledged? I find I must understand the situation, myself and the external, as deeply as possible, in order to feel in control again.

    My cognition is generally bent toward understanding everything I deem valuable to my mind and survival, my privacy and priorities. I find that knowledge and understanding make me feel powerful. By it alone I know how I could deal with things should the necessity arise.
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    I have a 5w6 fix but my core is type 8.

    Quote Originally Posted by LeaT View Post
    How do you think about the world around you?
    I'm not sure if I think about the world 'around me' - I'm more likely to observe. The way I think, in general, about those things that are important to me, is "absorb and percolate." For instance, I listen to music and take a walk, and once my blood is pumping and the music is being absorbed, observations and ideas percolate unconsciously and then suddenly I have answers for how to execute my sci-fi/fantasy novel.

    Most members of the head types tend to be intellectual in some way, how does this intellectuality manifest in you?
    Mostly through creative work (which is "doing," really). I don't consider myself "intellectual" despite great grades all my life and credentials and a life-style that is largely mind-oriented. I write books, write music, read, and study theories; but I always do it with a purpose in mind. Even my enneagram study is so that I'll be a better author, and posting on a forum is part of how I'm learning to develop my "voice" in writing; to get my thoughts out. I don't edit my posts so that they're well-written, but the way content flows out is indicative of how I think, and I also observe how others think, which helps me to understand characters. So even pursuits that may appear intellectual begin for the sake of my projects and goals. I only wanted to write at all because I came up with an idea for a sci-fi fantasy series when I was about 10 years old and I've stuck with it and developed it. I love, more than anything, doing music - being lead singer, playing piano, writing songs, practicing; all aspects of music. What I don't like is recording - although I have produced an album, and I love that (I love being in the studio, being in charge), sitting behind the controls as an engineer is so much thinking and fine-tuning that, while I can produce, engineering would drive me crazy as a lifestyle. I prefer a job that has excitement and motion as well as thinking. Writing a fantasy book does the trick because I have to do a lot of real-life research and also, a lot of it is action-oriented, just like my mind.

    What is it that you seek in life?
    I love my creativity- music and writing. That's my life. I seek to finish each project and get on to the next one. In a more general sense, I seek to express myself, communicate, inspire, be inspired. I also seek autonomy.

    How do you use your thinking to go on about grabbing it?
    Aside from short periods in which I take breaks and build up experiences or research (which end up feeding my work anyhow), I pretty much think about my goals and/or work towards them 24/7. My goal focus is very concrete, even if some of the elements involve more abstract thinking.

    It would also be interesting if you could post some "mind chatter" in relation to something that happened during the day.
    Well, I just woke up so I'll post what went through my head:

    *Opens eyes* damn, I slept for twelve hours. I hate sleeping past sunrise. Grr. Will I have enough time to work on my book today? My head is kind of stuffy. I'll answer that post in the E8 thread and post a little bit on typology first to get my mind going. *Turns on computer, begins to answer post* Damn, I love debating. Last night I was having some pretty intense fighting fantasies in place of sexual fantasies. Is that an E8 thing? Or a human thing? [Begins to relive fantasy, which is too sexual and/or dirty, bloody and violent to post here in detail] *Smirk* .... *gets out of bed giggling* What am I doing today? Once I post a few times, I'll edit my book for a few hours, take a walk, pick up my prescriptions, maybe watch another episode of Game of Thrones. Do I have enough time? I really..fucking.. HATE sleeping so late. I can't get anything done. Grr. *plans a bunch of practical details for the day while making coffee* ... *sits down with laptop and coffee and writes this post*

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