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    2's, 4's, 5's. XXFJ's. Anyone who can dance, likes loud music, and has Fe.

    Certain Fe users have a certain thunder in their voice that energizes me. When I hear it I feel awesome and am naturally drawn to them.

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    Sevens. Like whoa. I'm an INFP/8w7, though, so ... your mileage may vary. If someone's a ENFP/7? Love at first sight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    Type 8s - What type are you drawn to? Why are you drawn to them?
    I am drawn to individuals rather than enneagram types, but it seems I have two opposite "types" of men that attract me most. One archetype is the quiet nerdy logician who is secretly wild in bed. Let's call that type 5, with a soul-child at point 8. The other is the byronic hero; a tragic romantic with artistic talent, seeping with beauty and dreams and emotions so thick I can eat them. This falls into the archetypal category of a heart-type, especially Type 4.

    Why, you ask? If I had to guess why these types are such a turn on to me, I'd say both are a challenge. One challenges me mentally, the other challenges me emotionally. Both feed my lust and thirst in their own way.

    A great mind is a never ending chase, but if he's a quiet, nerdy logician type who is loyal, it's not the kind of chase that 'hurts' but rather, the kind that inspires and intrigues. Also, to me, someone who is focused on "mind" appears to have less ulterior motives than other people when it comes to manipulating others - because they're too busy learning - and therefore the person registers as "innocent." There's also an innocence to complete lack of social protocol because it's honest. For instance, most men would say "you're beautiful," while a 5 would say 'looks do play some part in my attraction, but I am attracted to the mind first, and the looks might serve to negate that, if they're bad enough; but yours will do." It's obnoxious in a sense, but in another way, it shows me that I can trust this person to say what they mean rather than what they think would please me.

    As for the other type - a beautiful soul, full of art and sensuality and dreams, is a never-ending source of passion: music, color, vivacity, life. Experiencing those type of emotions, or even feeding off them, makes *me* feel innocent in the sense of feeling so alive and immortal and in touch with my heart that I'm able to cry and feel and experience longing, or even - gasp - *vulnerability* - and all of this vivacious living makes me feel so... charged? ... and embedded *in the now* with every last iota of my senses ... which, in its own way, is a form of being "simple" or "pure." Being with someone like that is like listening to music, or living in a world of art. Everything around me is beautiful and potentially romantic. Kind of disgusting to imagine, until it happens to me; then I find myself hungering for more and more.

    When it comes to friends, I'm easily most attracted to 1s. We share gut energy, but they inspire me to keep myself in check, and I inspire them to open up about their desires.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wind-Up Rex View Post
    The first is guys that hold no interest for me whatsoever. That covers 2s and 5s.
    heehee. that's how mein fünf initially caught my eyeeee.

    but it's the solidness i find in him that just grabs hold
    of me.

    because i'm more like:

    and he's more like. not me.
    every normal man must be tempted, at times,
    to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag,
    and begin slitting throats.
    h.l. mencken

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