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    Makes me think I should be finding me some threes and sixes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sulfit View Post
    I don't know what is the basis of 10 being the magic number, but this enneagram compatibility study confirms some of it. There are quite a few 2-8 and 1-9 pairings:

    If you read through the profiles of 1s and 9s it makes sense that they go well together. 1s can provide the impetus to move 9 to decision and action, since 1s are people of action themselves. 9s are non-critical, and relatively easy-going and all accepting, which can soothe the anxieties and angry outbursts of 1s. 1s tend to be very opinionated and 9s are inclined to say "sure" and go along instead of arguing.

    I can't imagine two fives together though, as that chart suggests.
    I don't see how that study confirms anything at all in with respect to the SimilarMinds chart. Actually, if you count the frequency of marriages that are one or two standard deviations above normal in frequency, only 1 of 17 adds up to 10 (8 male and 2 female). That's not any evidence at all. Also as an aside, 9 with 9 is one standard deviation below natural chance meaning it less likely that they would get together.

    I'm of a similar thinking to @Zaratuhstra on the SimilarMinds info. I think it's garbage. The stuff is pretty good though. I think people do tend to end up with others on their lines of integration/disintegration and this happens more than chance would dictate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarathustra View Post
    Yeah, I'm familiar with that data.

    And I trust it far more than similarmind's homespun crackpot theory.

    There might be a good number of 2-8 and 1-9 pairings, but how about 5-5, 4-6, 7-3?

    Hell, the only one of those ten pairings that is actually over-represented is 8 husband, 2 wife.

    And the 6 husband, 4 wife pairing is underrepresented, so there's no apparent overall over-representation.

    In fact, 1 females are more likely to get with 2s, 5s and 7s, and 1 males with 3s, 5s (2 sd's above chance), and 7s.

    Also, the above points to another problem with the similarminds chart: it doesn't differentiate between men and women.

    And that 9types data shows that a clear differentiation exists between men and women and the relationships they choose to enter.
    I don't trust it any more, but I found it interesting that there are a few cases, such as male 9s and female 1s, 8s and 2s, which conform to the similarminds +10 theory. My lack of trust is founded on divorce rate being something like 50% which indicates that people mostly suck at picking right partners for themselves. Such data shows who is more likely to pick out whom but says little about the viability or contentment in such unions.

    Reading the profiles +10 types do seem to be good matches. Type 6 the loyalist can learn from type 4 the individualist and vice versa. Type 7 and 3 are both very spontaneous and dynamic so I can see how they go well together.

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