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    It's like an ocean of lava under a stone floor.

    Yea it keeps the house warm, but it could also destroy the neighborhood.
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    I honestly have no idea what to do with anger. I'm horrible at expressing it, and when i am actually able to, it tends to come out in a directionless wave of incoherence.

    Also, i think im probably a 9w1 rather than a 5w4.
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    I struggle with anger a lot. I have a love, and a hate, for it.

    There is a part of me that knows that my anger is one of my major driving forces in life. It is what kicks up the things that make me great. Anger is what gets me over my fears and puts capability into my hands. It is anger that fuels and drives me to stand up for myself and not be pushed around. Anger is one of the more passionate things about me. I appreciate it in myself, and others, when displayed.

    There is another part of me, though, that feels like I need to control that passion as much as possible. Flying off the handle, letting people manipulate that anger, and allowing it to consume other aspects of my life drives me insane. I can't stand it. I hold my tongue, sometimes too much, in the attempt to find a cool, crisp balance between the anger that I love about myself, and the anger that sometimes makes me wish I had thought twice before speaking and acting. I avoid being angry as much as possible in my daily life, because I know being angry in general doesn't accomplish the amazing things I listed above.

    On the more shallow side of things..

    I get irritated very easily at things, and a lot of little things happening all at once will build up a grumpy, snappy attitude. But I forget those things just as quickly, and almost anything to break that anger will make it subside, and soon I won't remember what the person did or the event that took place that angered me at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Istbkleta View Post
    That's obvious. Her INFJ type is shown below her avatar.

    Why did you feel the need to state the already obvious?
    Not every INFJ places the same emphasis on Fe. Highlander and I also have talked a lot about Fe vs Fi in various threads where it's come up.

    Why do you feel the need to make a big deal out of it? (Sincere question)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Istbkleta View Post
    That's obvious. Her INFJ type is shown below her avatar.

    Why did you feel the need to state the already obvious?
    It's a simple observation. I know Fidelia (maybe a fair bit better than you?). I thought it was interesting. Provides further validation and evidence of the system and how it works. What is the purpose of you questioning the purpose of my post?

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    I was curious. It seemed unusual to me. Didn't know you had a history.

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    My anger is a bit like Verdi Dies Irae Solti and Carl Orff O Fortuna from Carmina Burana combined. It's loud, direct, all encompassing, and dignified. If I allow anger to manifest, it usually means I've actively decided the subject deserved it.

    Only in maturity did I learn and acknowledge that my anger was to be reigned in and controlled.
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    I'm a very angry person. It just eats at me. I constantly feel like breaking something or someone, and when there is reason to make it worse, I get so angry that I start tearing up from rage. It's really annoying.

    It used to be much worse when i was younger. When I got in an argument or about to get into a physical fight, I'd get tunnel vision(everythin else would just go black), get really light headed, and would have a hard time remembering anything I said. Rarely happens to that extent now. Although every nownand them people tell me I said things I don't remember saying.

    I suspect I'll die from a heart attack one day and it will likely be because someone skipped a line, litered, or something stupid like that

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    I have some anger but I diffuse it when I feel it because I'd rather it not control me. The closest I typically come to prolonged anger is a feeling of being driven, which sometimes comes out in behaviors that I later regret. Anger is the consequence of failing to develop a coping strategy when I'm in a bind.

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    Reading the 8s view of their anger is 1 part intriguing, 1 part respectable, 17 parts scary as hell!

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