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    My anger tends to be more of a defense for me or something cathartic. It usually flares up when people put me into situations that I don't want to deal with, don't do what I want them to, or try to blame me for something I'm not responsible for. When I was younger I had a tendency to try to steamroll everyone who annoyed me or wouldn't do what I wanted. When people fell for the bait and actually tried to attack me physically or verbally, sometimes I'd hit them or throw things at them. So it tends to be more explosive than anything, and once I'm done with it, I just go numb like a volcano entering dormancy. It's relieving to blow off steam rather than staying contained.
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    Anger is one of my most useful emotions when I channel it the right way. It motivates me to do something.

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    As a 9, dealing with anger is a weak spot for me. Internally, it feels very intense, even all-consuming, though it usually isn't obvious to other people unless they're very perceptive. It's like I'm sitting in a room with all the windows and doors sealed closed and a fire burning at the center, and all the smoke and heat trying to get out has nowhere to go and it just gets harder and harder to breathe. It's a mix of fear of conflict (9) and a strong need for self-control, (w1) that makes it so difficult for me to express my anger, and when it does come out it's usually as obnoxious passive-aggression that's a lot more destructive and conflict-inducing than if I simply said what I felt. Occasionally, my suppressed anger just explodes instead of seeping out, and I end up having a full-blown fit of temper, but this only happens about once every one or two years. I'm trying to develop the courage to express my anger more directly as it arises (without losing control) so it doesn't just sit there simmering and turn into something uglier.

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    I can't hold in my own anger, I have to let it out and explode before I can do anything else. I can't focus on anything besides my anger, it's almost agonizing not to be able to release it, I can't do that for very long, I've gotten very desperate the very few times I've actually tried to hold it in(due to being scolded by my parents about being too "combative" about every little thing ), it only made it worse and resulted in some mild violence, as I was very young. I also used to cry when I was angry when I was younger, now I've learned to control that, instead now I smile and laugh, which I've been told is eons creepier but I much prefer to crying. I still can't hold my anger in whatsoever but I have learned not to resort to anything resembling violence as I understand that is not the answer, I've also gotten better at directing my anger towards the actual person/people I am angry at instead of everyone and anything that moves like I used to.

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