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    You're just a clone of them. Have you no way to set a fire?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chana View Post
    Ive just had the pleasure of watching an 8 do this

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    Default Gloria Anzaldúa

    She has this fear
    That she has no names
    That she has many names
    That she doesn’t know her names.

    She has this fear
    That she’s an image
    That comes and goes
    Clearing and darkening
    The fear that she’s the dreamwork
    Inside someone else’s skull.

    She has this fear
    That if she takes off her
    Shoves her brain aside
    Peels off her skin
    That if she drains
    The blood vessels
    Strips the flesh from the bone
    Flushes out the marrow.

    She has this fear
    That when she does reach herself
    Turns around to embrace herself
    A lion’s or witch’s or serpent’s head
    Will turn around
    Swallow her and grin.

    She has this fear that if she digs into herself
    She won’t find anyone
    That when she gets “there”
    She won’t find her notches on the trees
    The birds will have eaten all the crumbs.

    She has this fear
    That she won’t find the way back.

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