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    Default The Emotional States of a 5

    kinda felt like this needed to be posted :P comment, ect.

    1: 80% of the time - general happiness. We joke around a lot, we find stupid reasons to be amused, and we pretty much just enjoy life. The descriptions focus too much on 5s being cynical, but in reality we're like this most of the time, and when we're in this mood we could actually care less how many people are around us as long as none of them are overly annoying or try to interfere with what we want to be doing.

    ^^^The descriptions not taking this into account is actually one of the main reasons why i'm posting this. I was kinda confused about it when I was a beginner at the Enneagram because I thought 7s were the biggest joking type.

    2: 15% of the time - fuck-the-world mood. We want everyone to go kill themselves and leave us alone, and we're completely content with wanting everyone to go kill themselves and leave us alone, and it usually takes a lot to get us out of this mood because we're content with being pissed off. We specially look for stuff to be pissed off about just for the sake of being pissed off because we don't feel like not being pissed off.

    The best thing to do with this is to just take some time to cool down. Either that or put the 5 in proximity to a small furry animal with big eyes :3

    example < (no matter how hard I try I cannot stay mad at that thing XD)

    These can come and go kinda fast for me, but Im pretty sure they last longer for INTJ 5s.

    3: 5% of the time - our actual emotions. Not kidding. When this happens it is in a dark, secluded room where nobody knows where we are, music optional but preferred. This is when we let our inner feelings catch up to us. We'll cry our eyes out, write emo poetry, fill up a piece of paper with rantings about life, maybe write a song about an ex we're still pissed at, the works. Lots of deep thinking, lots of emotions, and when we're done we just get on with life.
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    Sounds very similar to a good chunk of e5 INTXs I have come across but there is a sizeable number who are regularly in a "fuck the world... you are stupid" mood at least 75% of the time. I find it interesting. lol

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    I don't see the moods are exclusive.
    Usually my moods overlap.

    So even when I'm in "screw the world" mode, I can laugh at irony; I can experience laughter or anger while holding other emotions within as well.
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