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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectre View Post
    I too have difficulties sleeping. It takes me long to fall asleep and I often find myself awake in the middle of the night. I tend to rehash previous experiences during these hours or think about the future.

    When my job forces me to wake up earlier than usual it really screws up my rhythm for days.

    I guess its a problem for a lot of overthinkers, fives included.
    I don't usually have trouble, but when I do it is at the worst possible time. These are occasions when I am up too late taking care of last minute things as before an overseas trip, and I have to get up very early. The already limited sleeping hours are further depleted by this lying awake with my mind racing. I am sure it is related to stress.
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    I have trained myself to fall asleep (as long as there is no one snoring or making noise) when my brain is like this. The key is to trick your body into sleeping, even if your mind doesn't want to sleep. It will actually make you fall asleep without realizing it. Just lay down with your eyes closed, and do NOT move as much as possible and take slow and deep breaths. I like to daydream when I am doing this, and before I know it I already lost consciousness in the middle of a daydream. Side effects may includes astral projection, remote viewing, and hypnagogic hallucinations.
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    Not a five but yes, I have trouble sleeping for various reasons and this is one of them.

    My husband IS a 5 and sometimes will keep me up and 3-4 am just ...talking about really stupid shit.
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    What is sleep?

    Seriously, I have a horrible time with getting quality sleep. I never feel truly rested.

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    I have trouble sleeping from time to time, and sometimes I don't sleep at all.
    I already can't fall asleep quickly / immediately to begin with.

    It's like, sometimes my brain won't shut up, so I have to exhaust it- with anything. Lying and trying to be still is torture, my mind just gets louder.
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    I'm not a 5 but I definitely have a 5-ish quality mentally. This isn't as big of a problem as it used to be, but now I tend to wake up at some point and have difficulty falling back asleep (as opposed to not falling asleep upon lying down). I'm usually bothered with material thoughts and how I'm not dealing with them properly (like bills or health or relationship problems or bleak future, etc). It can be a hassle because I don't want to strategize or internally berate myself in the middle of the fucking night.

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    Correct. I find it really hard to sleep because my mind is always racing. Lying still is torture so I have to drown it with stimulus relaxing or otherwise, usually a balance of both. Entertaining, relaxing, or information ramblings to listen to. Youtube, watch streams, asmr, podcasts, ambience, or whatever. Idk how anyone can stand being in silence doing nothing but drifting to sleep.
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