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    Quote Originally Posted by dala View Post
    Isn't Adderall an amphetamine? I can't even take psudoephedrine without my heart racing like I've just run a marathon for the next 24 hours.
    Yeah, I get that problem with pseudoephedrine, but Adderall seems to have a calming, focus-inducing effect on me. I've heard some people say that it makes them hyper and even more anxious, though. But I don't has two effects that I think help: (1) it makes you want to do shit and not just sit there ruminating, and (2) once you start doing something on it you get a one-track mind and don't really think about anything else during the duration of the drug.

    It's not good for you, though, so I don't do it anymore. And even if the effects do help you out during the "high" period, the come-down makes everything crash back to you twofold, so you feel double anxious and irritable.
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    Exercise and diet it is, then. If only there was an easy fix.

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    I'm constantly anxious; fidgeting, moving my position in the seat, clicking my mouse buttons compulsively, and other stuff. It's not helped by the fact that my medication causes akathisia.

    Here's an example of the type of akathisia I experience:

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    Stress manifests in me through one or more of the following:
    Tense muscles
    Increased heart rate
    More depressed
    Change in energy level- either get tired more easily or get more restless and trouble sitting still
    More trouble thinking clearly. Brain freezes.

    How do I destress:
    Find ways to distract myself. This could be watching a funny TV show or movie, video games, internet surfing, music, etc.
    Exercise- preferably long walks alone
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    There's no real way I deal with my anxiety... and I get it a lot. My doctor prescribed me some medication a while back, but my dad refuses to pay for it (I only recently turned 18 and I am a full time student with no job and no money, living with my dad). When I feel anxious, I just panic. If I'm driving, I pull over immediately because I don't want to get into an accident. There's a lot of crying and I only even reach out to people I completely trust--usually my mom or dad, maybe once in a while my best friend. And I panic over the stupidest things (getting my first D on a project in college when I thought I had done well made me think it was the end of the world).
    The only way I can really calm down is to just give myself some private time to let out everything I'd bottled up, or vent to one of my parents. I always get completely irrational and usually, a day or so later, I realize it. But, as for anxiety... I have yet to find a way for me to deal with it, honestly.

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    Anxiety manifests itself in me as repetitive negative thoughts that spiral downwards. I can identify it is an unhealthy process because the ideas don't develop, but are repeated obsessively. The issue is that it is typically a deeply personal fear being applied to a situation for which I cannot get enough information to determine any sort of conclusion. It is the inability to address the issue in "idea space" that can exacerbate the problem, so I have to actually get out of idea space and do something concrete. I think solving a concrete problem is a healthy solution to counteract the failure of the abstract realm.

    In a healthy context I need a lot of time to retreat and think, but if I am struggling with a sustained anxiety attack I have to keep my mind occupied and have activities I am required to do. Being home alone is a bad idea in those situations. I do take medication which has helped so much, and ideally meditation and yoga helps.

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