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    A cp6 has problems with authority when they lose respect for it. Every "rebellion" I've ever had was not geared toward an abstract authority or concept (i.e. police, government). It was specifically a person in a position of authority I no longer respected or trusted their judgement. That's always based on factual evidence. Not a whim or overall mistrust of authority in general.
    Pretty much.. first time I was pulled over, I was actually parked (lolz) gazing at the stars, and then was demanded to pull up my dress to avoid a ticket. I was pissed, but laughed it off, and off the cocksuckers went. I've been pulled over since that experience but I am very dry and matter of fact with them, and they usually sense it, and go on about their business. I haven't received a ticket in over 10 years and I think my refusal to show them any fear or capability of kissing ass may have something to do with it.

    I don't do well at all with abusive authority figures in any type of position, from management to judicial to whatever.

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    This thread definitely makes me think my wing is CP 6. .

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