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    Am I a 6w7 or a 7w6 too?

    Reasons I type myself as 7w6:
    - If I don't enjoy myself I'll feel like I'm being tortured
    - Which ofc I try to avoid, because who wants to be tortured by boredom

    Reasons I'm doubting my typing:

    - I'm not well-versed enough with enneagram
    - I fit a subtype of 6 description as well (rejecting what authorities say, having a complicated relationship with authority, though i do venerate some authorities if they're of the subject i'm interested in)
    - Unlike desc, of 7, I'm an introvert
    - I tend to look for input and "go with the flow" on many things
    - My personality feels mutable to me so it's a bit hard to pin down

    :\ Not sure if this is enough info but I've beenw ondering this since a while back after I read that 6 descrip. Please feel free to ask questions if it helps. Much gracias.
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    @Ogata -- I think
    Reasons I type myself as 7w6:
    - If I don't enjoy myself I'll feel like I'm being tortured
    - Which ofc I try to avoid, because who wants to be tortured by boredom
    deserves some comment -- my own personal understanding of 7 is that it isn't limited to wanting to enjoy oneself/not experience negative sensations. For instance, having some 9 (and many other possible types) could influence that. What distinguishes 7 most to me is it is an anxiety type. It manifests in the form of a kind of insatiability and a fear of missing out. I think desiring the pleasant and wanting to avoid the unpleasant in a way that the person just seeks contentment actually shouldn't be seen as a 7 type. Always chasing the next thing to get very excited about so as to avoid getting stuck in a rut -- 7 is a type that would probably see mere contentment-seeking as a rut. A 7 is quite pain-averse, but that's insufficient for 7-ness...

    At its core, 6's anxiety-type nature manifests more cerebrally, as a kind of anxiety as to how to decide things. It's less an anxiety about pleasure and the like.
    The conflict with authority figures is due to this. When someone has a kind of intrinsic weakness in terms of feeling one can know one is making the right decision, authority figures suddenly seem more domineering, because one might feel foolish for trying to reject their advice (after all, what if one's own view is wrong?)...

    Not all 6s look for authority in people. Sometimes they'll look to logic and rationality, somewhat compulsively checking if they are deceiving themselves, since they trust this more than people.

    For what it's worth, I don't buy the 6w7s ask for input and 6w5s are independent view that some seem to -- it doesn't seem conceptually very well motivated from the definitions of 6, 7 and 5.
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    6s are often pretty negative, and 7s are often pretty positive. Although an overgeneralization, it is pretty easy to observe the differences if you have consistent contact with each type. 6s will be preoccupied with what could go wrong, and 7s with what could go right. If you try to convince the 6 to look at the bright side, they are somewhat likely to dig their heels in and stubbornly cling to their "knowing" that things "will just go wrong". If you try to serve a 7 a hearty spoonful of realism, they are likely to dance around it or not even respond.

    The difference then, ultimately, is in how they view the future in terms of what could be. 6s draw from the past and tend to project worst case scenarios, using past events to back it up. 7s tend to avoid focusing on the past too much and instead look to the future or enjoy the present moment.
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    As someone who has a 7w6 with a strong 6 wing I'd say hmmm 7w6s tend to be more in many ways desperate to hold onto a positive outlook kind of like a kid who is like UNICORN ARE REAL and then the 6 wing gives them a taste of what can go wrong which tied in with the disengrwtion to 1 means yeah not always as happy as the profiles portray them as esp if not healthy. 6w7s tend to ironically despite being in the reactive triad feel more stable and consistent but then I'm probably thinking of a 692 or 693 here as being in attachment triad they seek stability and comfort.
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