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    Default Help me understand the gut triad

    This is the main thing about my type that I really don't understand very well. I took a triads test but my results were all over the place, and I found myself thinking "none of the above" for most of the questions. I seem to be really disconnected from my thoughts, feelings, AND instincts. Something I've noticed about myself is that when someone asks me what I think or feel about something, I often have a really hard time answering.

    So what exactly is the gut triad, and what exactly are gut feelings? I'd also like to know how other 9's see themselves as gut types and what it means to them.

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    It's all about instinct and the body and what you do with it. The clue is in the name - gut feelings. Literally, from the gut. That's not just a clever name.

    • For 8s, its about power and strength - their bodies and presence expand to fill power vacuums naturally. Anger and instinct flow naturally & excessively.

    • For 9s, its about serenity and peacefulness - their bodies over-adapt to what's going on around them, and their drive is numbed out.

    • For 1s, its about correctness and being "proper" - a kind of rigid, stern stance that puts anger & instinct in its place.

    Remember, it's about the body, about anger, about instinct, about gut feelings, about physicality. The other two triads do not share this preoccupation. The head triad concerns itself with thinking, choice, considering options, intelligence, fear...the heart triad is concerned with image, emotion, feelings, histrionics, theatricality.

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    The gut triad is all about instinctive interactions with the world. Gut triad people tend to act first and think later. It's not because they're disconnected from their thoughts and feelings, they just feel naturally equipped to do something rather than plan it out.

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