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    Quote Originally Posted by MDP2525 View Post
    Personally, I don't think this is a type related thing. Any type can have borderline personality disorder. It is a behavioral problem, not a chemical imbalance. The fact that you are even questioning something may be wrong with YOU is not indicative of BPD. BPD people, (my father was diagnosed BPD and I work closely with a diagnosed BPD woman) generally lack introspection. The "why do I act this way" is not asked.

    Instead, they are very quick to escape those answers by deflecting their own weakness onto others or objects. Thus, the attitude of helplessness against the world is predominant because it is through the actions of others that hinder the BPD individual from success or follow through. You can spot BPD individuals because they are usually chronic liars in the sense of exaggeration of claims, and excuses for inaction. I would be surprised to hear someone with BPD apologize then MODIFY behavior. They almost never do because they don't view themselves in control of their actions. Extremely defensive and manipulative. They become offensive and lash out at what they "see" as personal attacks upon them and this gives them more ammo for their rationale of helplessness and the perpetual victim of the world.

    They are smart and adept at manipulation. They will play upon your sympathies easily to excuse their behavior. Basically, they are very exhaustive individuals to deal with.
    Exhaustive, yes. Inactive, yes. That's why they're so hard to treat - they don't want to accept anything is wrong, and even if they temporarily do, they'd rather escape than put any effort into self-improvement.

    My ex had an ultimatum from me that if he would simply get help, I would come back to him. Instead, he whined, cried, and pleaded "when are you coming home."

    I'm like, what don't you get? I'm effing serious, bro.

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    When i'm unhealthy, @skylights, I too possess borderline traits (although i'm not borderline). Naranjo aligns some borderline traits with type four, especially sexual four, but he says that it's more of a masochistic character vs borderline, they just share certain traits: variability of mood, self condemnation, impulsivity, rage, excessive dependency and tempestuous transference.

    He doesn't mention borderline in regard to six, but I can see those tendencies in certain sexual sixes, for sure. I've seen princess Diana in both sexual six and borderline literature, for example.

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