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MTHRFCKR You dont know how much i envy you... Wish i coud see her, and if god is good talk to her...
It was just a book singning, you know. We just exanged a few words.

There's a woman though, who wanted to give her her glasses, and then she said "oh no! Keep your glasses, I have a prescription", and then she gaved her a big hug.

I found a video of the event, so, this is Patti Smith as she appeared to me: [youtube=TqRgeIho6Mo]Patti Smith @ L'Arbre à lettres, in Bastille Paris Oct 21 2010, 6:00 PM[/youtube]

At one moment she ask how to say "I messed up" in french, someone say "j'ai loupé", it's me.