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    I wish I knew. I don't like it when my existence or life becomes too monotone or ordinary. Maybe that's my sx talking. But sometimes I just tough it out until things happen again and I find something or someone to obsess over, even if it never lasts long.
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    I don't really relate to this at all... unless it can be applied to life in general and not toward people.
    I pretty much keep a "live and let live" and "it is what it is" attitude.
    My house is literally falling apart. What can I do about it? It used to make me depressed because of all the work that needed done and my lack of skill in taking care of business. Now, I shrug it off. I have my "bubble" and my adult kids can trash the rest of the place all they want (within reason lol). When it finally rots to the ground, I'll either move in with my hubby, move into the big garage, or find a nice patch of forest somewhere.
    I just learned not to spend my energy on stuff I can't do anything about.

    With people, however, I care deeply. I care so deeply, that I keep myself cut off from them because I feel what I perceive them to be feeling. I also have boundary and commitment issues, so by keeping myself cut off I don't have to worry about upsetting hubby because x, y, and z person needs something from me that hubby objects to (and vice versa etc etc).

    All other interactions can be summed up with:

    Quote Originally Posted by Concur_Withall View Post
    ... 9 tends to look for compromises between opposing sides, and may seem indifferent, as they are not taking sides. However, this is not actually indifference, but a particular bias concerning the outcomes of an event. They are conflict-averse in the sense of trying to move things from conflict to peace, however also pursue conflictual situations as they wish to make use as much as they can of their talents in restoriyng the peace.

    Watch out for overcompliance, i.e. not standing up for yourself, and for over-head-use, i.e. getting bogged down by the inconsistencies....
    I frequently annoy people because they can't get a visceral reaction out of me 98% of the time. I try to remain neutral, though I will pull people aside privately to counsel or advise them about dealing with each other. "Susy REALLY meant ____"; "No, Carol didn't mean to come across like ____ " ; "Well, you were being an absolute bitch, but ____ " Unless something is coming to blows, I do my best not to call people out in public because that doesn't help anyone.

    All that said, I rarely ever interject myself into anything. It's none of my business unless a person asks or there's an obvious need.
    That, I guess, could come across as apathetic. I just know I hate being told what to do or how to act, so I try not to push my views on others.
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