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    How do I deal with indifferent tendencies... By being indifferent of course!

    I kid. But I do recall an instance when i was about to be PISSED OFF because I thought my dog shit on the floor. and then I realized my dog actually shit on the floor... and I was like- I don't care.

    Honestly, I'm not sure how to elaborate more on that question.

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    I don't deal with my indifferences. I'm pretty happy with them the way they are. :P

    That said, there is a level in my life where I dont suffer from indifference as a vice. For example, in my job, stuff needs to be done, and regardless of how I feel about it. I will do it. Because I realize it must be done. And the same applies to other things. I guess I never let my indifferences stand inbetween me and what must be done. Although in certain cases, it can make me be very creative with deadlines. Even so, I manage well.

    And it definately is no issue in terms of my happiness. I have no expectancies of myself that would make this an issue.
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    I'm indifferent to my indifferences.

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    As a 9, you are a Peacemaker. When stressed you resemble a Loyalist, when secure you resemble an Achiever. You receive your primary help from the Perfectionist.

    9 tends to look for compromises between opposing sides, and may seem indifferent, as they are not taking sides. However, this is not actually indifference, but a particular bias concerning the outcomes of an event. They are conflict-averse in the sense of trying to move things from conflict to peace, however also pursue conflictual situations as they wish to make use as much as they can of their talents in restoriyng the peace.

    Watch out for overcompliance, i.e. not standing up for yourself, and for over-head-use, i.e. getting bogged down by the inconsistencies. When you start to become more yourself, you will learn to listen more to what you want for yourself, and be focused on achieving it.

    The first type will be there along side you to keep you on track.

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    The thing is, the reason why I seem indifferent is because I have a hard time taking sides in a conversation or argument--I see both sides as valid and I can understand both points of view.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aspie aspiring View Post
    The thing is, the reason why I seem indifferent is because I have a hard time taking sides in a conversation or argument--I see both sides as valid and I can understand both points of view.
    I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing, if anything you are willing to acknowledge there may be pros and cons in each point of view. That could also be looked at as a great opportunity to learn and understand another point of view. To me, there is always fluidity when looking at all sides of an issue, and I like that about myself, being an e9 as well.
    I've looked at life from both sides now
    From up and down and still somehow
    It's life's illusions I recall
    I really don't know life at all

    Joni Mitchell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thinkist View Post
    As is known, the vice/addiction of the 9 is indifference. Right now it is preventing me from enjoying life. I can't enjoy all of life and be satisfied, life's too short for that. It's as if in order to get some real fun out of life, some decisions have to be made....

    Anyway, aside from the above paragraph, how do you 9s deal with your indifferent tendecies?
    lol @ what 9's consider a paragraph

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    I am guilty of having a certain apathy, especially at my worst. It's a general thing with me but there are times when it's more extreme than other times. When I know I should care but can't feel much. Or the feelings, mostly negative feelings have been pushed beneath the surface.

    It could lead to spillover, or this state of apathy. It's easy for me to care about people who I'm close and I generally want people to be happy. to but I guess I go through phases. Or when there is stress buildup, I may resort to this naturally. And it causes a lack of happiness when it gets to it's extremes. When I find the motivation to get stuff done, inspiration for creative projects, it gets me out of my lowest ruts.
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    I couldn't Understand how you could be so bold.
    Maybe I'll find myself smiling on that distant shore...
    Maybe I'm not alone.

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    Indifference and apathy have been things that I have struggled with in life. I tend to see all sides and options as having a point and I try to get everyone on the same page as harmony is something I love (Though that could be my Libra speaking ha ha ha not my 9) and yeah it can lead to a kind of hmmm seeming to lack passion as I don't really take a strong stance or anything but I don't see it as indifference more like hmmm like being able to see that all choices are good in their own little way.
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    One of the best thing is seeing one that's been walking around for years advertising how little of a shit they give and how they think fence sitting and seeing both sides is the most noble stance - suddenly find their mighty moral position and ideology trampled on by the very people they gave the benefit of the doubt and endlessly admonished others for not doing the same.

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