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    Default 9s what are your physical vices?

    Smoking, crack cocaine, meth, heroine, sex, masturbation, overeating, cutting....

    I'm pretty confident the key for a better life when it comes to 9s is to start entertaining the idea....that some of your physical vices might be bad for you.

    I tried quitting smoking 3 times before. I haven't smoked for 4 months or so now (my personal record). Now, I personally could never stand people that shoved physical activity down one's throat. I hate it, and have always hated it.

    But after a while you start seeing a pattern. Sloth is nothing more than a failure to recognize that our body, our gut plays a HUGE part in one's life, specially if you are a 9, at the center of the gut triad.

    When I stopped smoking, I'd get excited. My energy levels would rise and I'd feel pretty good about myself...but then I'd get drunk (and I'm not a regular drinker)....lose my sight for one night where I was with friends and everything was going well and I'd ask someone for a smoke....and BAM! Next day, hey I'm a smoker again. Friends would say something like good ole Moiety's back and like the stupid fuckface that I can sometimes paradoxically be I'd laugh with them and congratulate myself for being such the beatnik.

    Thing is the cycle got old. Now, the lesson I learned is that for me cold turkey was the answer. I haven't stopped drinking, but I regulated my drinking so as whenever I drink I never get to the point where I can lose my nerve and fall back on an old bad habit.

    This is true for anything. I remember how I felt why I tried psychoactive drugs for the first time "I knew there was more to life than this stupid background turpor". Guess what...when uninhibited the big pattern is that my love for other people just overflows. It's pretty pathetic and I'm sure as an ENFP I might be more attuned to that than other 9s....but it fits wonderfully with the 9's idea of Holy Love. Which as you probably know has nothing to do with what people often call love at all. More like the greek agape.

    Anyways the point is that when a 9 DOESN'T numb or stimulate his body with substances or with obsessive physical activities of any kind ..... as funny as it sounds....he gets smarter! He gets wise. He gets everything he always knew he was. All the qualities of the other enneagram bozos (but don't tell them that lest they feel inferior).

    What I wanted to know is if any other 9 as noticed this pattern in him/herself? When you're in tune with your body's needs everything goes smoothly ...and when you don't you also tend to "narcotize" yourself almost unconsciously.

    In my case, I've had a series of illnesses and little body pointers all along during my life, but it's only when I fell ill that I knew my body was trying to wake up with the most basic form of suffering....pure demonic PAIN.

    I might be one of the lucky ones, with a sensitive body....because I can imagine a 9 with a very healthy body....could be narcotizing himself to his doom without even knowing!

    Please share your thoughts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moiety View Post
    Smoking, crack cocaine, meth, heroine, sex, masturbation, overeating, cutting....
    I don't identify with this, despite being a 9. (Well, I do like sex, but I don't use it to numb myself with ...) But as far as using substances for numbing, I can't identify at all.

    EDIT: maybe chocolate? maybe online forums?

    I've been following your threads, and am happy for your sense of taking control, of being alive.

    I can identify with sloth, with the laziness, with the distractions to keep myself from really doing what I should be doing.

    Will continue to follow along with what you are sharing, however.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moiety View Post
    What I wanted to know is if any other 9 as noticed this pattern in him/herself? When you're in tune with your body's needs everything goes smoothly ...and when you don't you also tend to "narcotize" yourself almost unconsciously.
    Am going to think on this for a bit.
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    I guess to me it's more of a apathy about taking care of myself. For example, eating food that is easily available (usually more junky) rather than preparing meals for myself that are nutritious and balanced. Not taking myself exercising enough is difficult too sometimes when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Other times though I just avoid everything and exercise soooooo hard because it feels so good.
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    My vices don't tend to be physical. My main one is the enneagram. Being inert. Reading too much, sitting around. Coffee and alcohol maybe kinda sorta, but not really. I wonder if because I'm an isfp the physical is actually usually a healthy thing for me. As you say, it gets me in touch with my gut.

    But before I went on mood stabilizers I used to binge eat and then starve myself and over exercise, so I suppose... But I don't feel those urges at all anymore.

    Oh, and yes, I've very much noticed the pattern. I quit coffee I have more energy. I quit the internet my priorities fall into place.
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    Hmm, for me, caffeine addiction, overeating sweets and fried foods, maybe spending a lot of time in my daydreams counts... Bingewatching shows may fall into that category. I get very involved in shows/fandoms I'm in and I consider it a hobby of sorts but I tend to over-obsess. In some ways, I like having hobbies, I think I keep it in moderation enough. I am passionate about my interests but I am aware of too much of it being unhealthy and it borders on that... Eating can help with the stress in the moment but then it has negative affects, so I have been trying to eat better recently. Or when I compare myself to other people, that's another thing.
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    Maybe I'm not alone.

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    Sex. Sugar. Sitting on my butt. Sleeping. Rinse, repeat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luminous View Post
    Sex. Sugar. Sitting on my butt. Sleeping. Rinse, repeat.
    1w2-6w5-3w2 so/sp

    "I took one those personality tests. It came back negative." - Dan Mintz
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    Over and under eating. Over and under sleeping. Drinking too much. Promiscuous behavior. On and off smoking habits. Frivolous spending habits. Ex-self harmer. General laziness.
    I don't know if I'm a 9 but yeah, I guess I can relate to having so much physical vices.

    .. Nah, maybe I'm borderline or something. I am always, always considering this possibility like every month since I was seventeen.

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    I drink too much wine
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