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    I drink it a bunch too. My body is hyper sensitive to everything though, so if I have much of it (like most things) it makes me feel sick. But I still do it anyway, idk why. Addicted I guess. But I don't think I'm normally super addictive. I smoke occasionally and I never got addicted to it. Just a social thing. People always warn me about it, and so? I'm not them. Not EVERYONE is addictive to everything. Since I notice most humans are very addictive.

    But I am addicted to asmr out of necessity. It helps me sleep. Since sleeping is almost impossible. And music, stuff that just helps me 'feel' emotion. Because I'm normally so detached and it gets lonely.
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    I'm a 6 and I drink coffee 3-5 cups everyday. I always drink coffee with sugar and milk. The only time I'll completely stop drinking coffee is when I'm sick and have to take antibiotics, and will be back drinking it again when I'm healed. I have a strong 9 fix though. Maybe I'm 55% 6 and 45% 9.
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