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    @Savage Idealist

    Could you possibly focus more on humility, devotion, behind-the-scenes service/power, etc?

    Of the pictures shown, I enjoy the foot washing the most. Not because of Jesus, but because it's a very symbolic act that gels well with the general ideals of the 2.

    Here are some that I like, if you're open to them

    (Samson and Delilah)

    I think e9 (sx especially) is more about merging so as to ignore your own needs, whereas e2 is more about finding the perfect Other to be devoted to so as to have your own needs met. Though this is not to say that either are necessarily the best way to go about doing anything. This is why enneagram types are stifling fixations, no?

    Their faces are intentionally concealed but I can understand if you think it's too weird.

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    Excellent pics If I make a revised version of my original collage i'll be sure to use those pice that you posted.

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