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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiltyred View Post
    Peacebaby, are you a 9? Was there something you were going to say as a 9 in reference to the purported Holy Idea of Holy Love being 9's thang? ...
    Yes, but I needed to understand what the concept of "Holy Idea" was supposed to represent in the first place.

    I found a few sources, and edited them in above.

    I'm going to read some of that stuff, reflect and come back to this.

    Thanks for trying to help with it!
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    Ooh, I'm sorry. Clarification required: I'm fairly new to Enneagram and just assumed that I was the only one who wasn't sure what the 'Holy Idea' actually meant as I've seen it mentioned in passing in articles and so on—hence, my asking what people thought of it.

    I can't say much more than the links that @PeaceBaby added. So far as I understand it, the Enneatypes all have basic fears they perpetually run from and Holy Ideas they run to. And I noticed in some of the Enneagram threads that the things they were talking about, the things they were had trouble getting around and letting go of, could be interpreted to have to do with the 'Holy Idea'. Like Noon, they either had to perpetually strive for it or learn that they didn't have to try so hard (which is, I think, part of how the Enneatypes are supposed to learn to grow). I think the types have to learn to let go because, in the end, their Holy Ideas can't actually be realised except in an ideal world. To go to the stereotype, perfection can't actually be attained for the 1s but they feel compelled to try it anyway. 5s, stereotypically, strive for omniscience but simply can't get there. Thus, all the types are pushed and pulled in these different directions, first by fears then by this Holy Idea, and the cycle keeps going until the individual breaks it.

    So, to get back to 9s: I wasn't sure what 'love' meant for 9s as something to be compelled to reach. I wasn't sure if they strove for love? Or if love just = peace and cohesion. Or as @Tiltyred suggested, is it flow and something to maintain as opposed to strive for?

    I hope that clears some things up. And if anyone has more knowledge of the Holy Idea than feel free to pitch in. This is just the impression I've picked up since last weekend >.>.
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    Love here is the acceptance of life as it is. Is it not?

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