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    Default Fives and mind reading

    I fancy a 5 for approx. 10 months now. I am type 4. Although we hardly talke that much at word except for a few words nearly each day, he stated to me that he knows exactly how I tick respectively how I think and how my brain works. I myself know nothing about him and how he functions. Is is possible for a 5 to know someone so well even though they have hardly anything to go on?

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    I find people to be highly predictable, but that's not mind-reading. On the other hand, my type 9 wife has pulled words out of my head, literally mind-reading me. The last time, she repeated a word to me that I'd only been thinking about - and it was a word she had never heard of. She's not aware that she's been reading my mind until I tell her. And yes, it is quite shocking to me.
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    @OP: That's a highly arrogant thing for the 5 to say. However, if you observe someone for long enough and analyze them, you can pick up on many patterns and in some ways know how he or she ticks but how can one truly know someone else? It's typically not mind reading but moreso picking up on patterns.

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    Yeah, just sounds like he's being a smart-arse.

    Let him get to know the real you and prove him wrong.

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