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    I test as 5w6, and as an ISTP/J depending on the test. This persons self revelation seems obvious to me. I don't think I could have put any of that angst where someone else could read it. This womans internal philosophical debate is obnoxious to me. I think of intuition as all the stuff our mind picks up unconciously from our senses. I also think that intuition informs the intellect as well as knowledge. Intuition is in a sense knowledge. So this trusting of "inner guidance" seems fuzzy to me. The article didn't make me smile. It is interesting to see how another mind arrives at a particular conclusion.

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    i like the word "surrender". i feel like i have to gather a mental net of doubts (unknowns) and push them aside and forcefully say "oh well" to them and trust that things are going to work out okay even though i do not have all the information i would like to have. for me, half the lesson is understanding how to live in the moment. taoism helps, like marmie said.

    one of my favorite songs has these lyrics:
    i'm feeling better since i surrendered
    you can't climb until you're ready to fall

    i think for me the problem is setting aside those doubts and acting on a course. i get too caught up in doubts and don't act. so somewhat paradoxically, surrendering to the unknown helps me create my own future.

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    I like to know that I can do something before I do it. I need to know that this project turns out well before I agree to take on another one afterwards...even if you think I'm capable. In that sense, I'm tougher on myself than anyone else is. But that means I'm very self-motivated, and if something goes wrong, I'm happy to blame myself.
    There are things I DON'T need to know. For example, what I'm doing next month, or what my future's going to be like. There are risks I'll have to take but I'll deal with them when they come.

    And for the record, I don't trust my intuition at all.
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    I think this applies more to 5s and 6s than it does 7s. growth for a 7 is actually kind of the opposite. for a 7, growth is about becoming more focused, consistent and in depth in their pursuits. our natural tendency is to be scatter brained and avoid the hard work and less convenient realizations that come with focusing on the task at hand. growth for a 7 is about becoming MORE knowledge seeking, not less

    for all head types though, the growth is some form of stabilizing factor that brings self assurance, confidence and groundedness
    - this is most evident in type 6. 9 brings a feeling of safety, a connection to the body and a deep relaxation and tranquility.
    - 8 brings to 5 the confidence to act and willingness to face life's challenges head on as opposed to endless intellectualizing and procrastinating action
    - 5 brings to 7 focus, depth and a more intellectual, sophisticated means of pleasure
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