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    Default 9s and being up in the clouds?

    Head in the clouds. I know that fits me quite well, it's almost like retreating into your head by default, where it is nice, warm and reality doesn't count.

    I've come to recognize this problem more frequently now, and I'm trying to snap out of it. Absorbing my own surroundings, paying attention to details, even if they seem unimportant, becoming more alert to reality. Like sometimes I force myself to stop and think: Where am I now? What's actually happening in reality, right now? And it has yielded good results, at least until I unknowingly retreat into the hazy clouds, then after a few minutes I'll force myself to refocus and snap out of it. This has even happened multiple times right now, as I'm writing this.

    I always just thought I was a klutz, leaving jumpers and other important belongings in the playground when I was little, my wallet on the counter of every second shop I visited, driving erratically, failing at cooking, not reacting to situations, not seeing things that are right in front of my nose.

    Surprisingly enough, what made me realize this was Call of Duty. Playing online shooters where you have to have reflexes, alertness and coordination in order to be successful. Who would have though that video games could teach you how to better yourself :alt-tongue:.

    Have any of you Nines gone through this? Anyone have any advice on being more aware and focused?
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    I've got a very strong 9 fix and my head is often always in the clouds. It is somewhat of a defense mechanism I suppose, but it's kind of how I go when I go into autopilot. I love escaping into the world of my head and fantasies, but when adulting in the real world, this can't be the case 100% of the time sadly. I'm always thinking of the future, whatever show or fandom I'm interested in, the what if, whatever random stupid nonsense peaks my interest.

    I have to focus on the situation at hand say, in the workplace and can focus but my attention is always at least partially in my innerworld, especially being triple/double withdrawn. I do manage to get what I need done so it's not a problem 100% of the time. It's more when I crisis comes up, then I go to cloudcoocooland to try and deal with things I get unhealthy in these areas. But there's nothing wrong with a little daydreaming in health proportions. The snapping myself out of it and learning to focus had to be learned at a young age. I always have a daydreamy air to me, even when I'm not daydreaming and it's frustrating when people assume that I'm not paying attention when I in fact am.
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    I'm a 9w1 and either 945 or 952.
    I take great pains to stay out of my head. I don't really "think" any more. I'd dwell on what I should be doing or on mistakes I'm making, which just makes me miserable.
    I keep myself chronically distracted with video games and shows (I'm 45 and have no true obligations like work or young kids).

    BUT, if I'm making a long trip, I'll indulge. Those thoughts, though, are a bliss or sorts. I'll weave fantastical tales and let stories unfold. It took me a long time, however, to realize it's actually a coping mechanism lol (I almost always fantasize about worse case scenario situations and how to overcome them).
    I recently watched a Youtube video where it was said (in an offhand sort of way) that 'special forces' (or some such) recommends doing just that as a means to desensitize yourself to your fears. That was the first time I had ever heard that, which tickled me to no end. I always thought I was just a masochist or something lol- even though I've recommended others do similarly over the years.

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