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    Default Fives and intmacy

    If a five decides they like someone is it possible that they change they mind shortly afterwards or are their feelings constant?

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    Intimacy is a difficult thing to achieve with a five. I know from experience, that I like a bit of distance, no matter how much I like a person, but once I decide I like some one, well, I like them. What you may be experiencing with your five, is that really horrible time (well for me) when the five releases they may have intense feelings. I tend to hold myself off, because it's very uncomfortable for me. All these feelings bleeding out and they are all sticky and awkward, and quite frankly illogical. And I'm an INFP, supposedly comfortable in the land of feelings, so maybe double the confusion if they are NT. There is no way round this time, other than wait it out patiently. They either work it out, or bolt and head for the hills (speaking as a SP/SX).
    It's actually pretty crap. And I have no advice, other than just be there, and catch them if the feelings get way too intense. (There may be tears).
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