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Something that can be done without much needed effort by that person. At least, that is how I see it.

The more effort something requires, the more conscious the person is when doing said task. The less effort something requires, the less conscious the person needs to perform such task.

One way to do things subconsciously(though it isn't the only way) is to do a task repeatedly. We can think of brushing our teeth and getting ready for the day as a subconscious task. Most of us have brushed our teeth since we were little, so it doesn't require much effort except for the repeated tasks we have learned as a child (toothbrush, toothpaste, water to rinse, and possibly flossing.)
Precisely what I meant. The way most Nines work is that they it takes them a while to start things, but when they do, they finish it, then return to a lethargic state. CP Nines seem to always be on the move, but they tend to fall into routine activities that don't require much thought process or effort to do.