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    Quote Originally Posted by Speed Gavroche View Post
    The 4 wing bring to 3w4 a certain moodiness, and coldness, also, they want to be succesful, and think they must do something special to be succesful. Being not as self-aware than true 4, they tend to use their mental to produce creative alternative, they can also be rebelious and critical about society, or be loyal to what they think they must do to be productive: a concern with duty, loyalty to company, family, or an caution about dangers wich could threaten their success is not ucommon. At the security point, the 4 wing bring a connection to 9, become more quiet, more self-assured and optimistic, more serene, and they also feel connected with the flow and the whole humanity, but are less compliant then 6s, more introspective, remote , creative, subtle and elite.

    Quote Originally Posted by Boo View Post
    I never agreed that 3w2s care more about people and that 3w4s care about projects. I think being a 3 means they would care regardless, but a 3w2 generally likes everyone and would like if all admired them. 3s with 4 wings only want attention and admiration from a select few; "elitist." They probably want to be the best at something while being unique. And maybe more volatile in behavior; fluctuating between confidence and self-doubt. Moodier and more emotional but know when to keep it in check.
    I can relate to a lot of what was said above. Especially with “And maybe be more volatile in behavior; fluctuating between confidence and self-doubt”.

    It sucks really bad to be an unemployed 3w4, it’s really killing me inside. I don’t know how some people love receiving unemployment payments and try to milk it for as long as they can, I would much rather be doing something right now. I did get a job the other day, which didn’t work out. Before hand I kept going back and forth with anxiety, self-doubt, confidence, & happiness. It was pretty bad, in the end I was confident and ready to go, too bad it turned out to be a no go! I feel worried and unproductive…I need to find my place, someplace where I feel like I belong and am appreciated for the work that I do.
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    after watching a fair amount of type 3 interviews, it seems to me that the difference between 3w2 and 3w4 is similar to the difference between Fi and Fe
    - 3w2s want to be admired by others; 3w4s want to be admirable
    - 3w2s are trendy; 3w4s are formal
    - 3w2s are gregarious; 3w4s are reserved
    - 3w2s anger is like fire; 3w4's anger is like ice
    - 3w2s want to be mainstream/current; 3w4s scoff at trendy nonsense
    - 3w2s standards for success are more culturally dictated; 3w4s standards for success are more personal. for instance, a 3w2 might decide to do something because their friends are doing it, whereas a 3w4 is more likely to do something because they were moved by it and say to themselves "I want to do that". as a personal example, I watched the Count of Monte Cristo and told myself "from now on, I'm going to conduct myself like a King"
    - 3w2s prize relatability and synergy; 3w4s prize integrity, poise and distinction
    - 3w2s "everyone else is doing it, I want to be the best at it"; 3w4s "everyone else is doing it, I'm going niche"
    - if we were to compare the two to live performers, 3w2s are like rock stars. they exude high energy and charisma and love to interact with the audience and get the crowd roaring. a 3w4s performance is more like an opera. the performance is graceful, artistic and professional, it is to be watched, not interacted with. at the same time though, 3w4 performers exude a kind of fiery, dramatic flair that is just as intense as the rock star example, but more focused and controlled.
    - this is just speculation, but most of the time it seems like many 3w2s are 7 wannabes and many 3w4s are 1 wannabes

    personally, I think most of the online descriptions of 3s are heavily w2 biased. lots of 3w4s have probably read them and thought "I'm not like this at all"
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