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Thread: What's a 4w3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna intuitive View Post
    <How important is the touching other people aspect of your creativity? In other words, if there was no audience, would you still create?>

    Actually, I do create anyway. I have continued to create when there hasn't been an audience. But there's something missing, and I am pressing to find an outlet for that form of creativity. So I have been creative in ways that had an audience, and that feels satisfying to me, like an action completed, whereas creating without an audience feels like I'm not living out my potential.
    I feel like my four and five are almost completely shut off from the world. I can't express what I'm feeling when I'm in that mode. It may have to do with the fact that I'm a seven though. When I'm being a four, people just keep asking me what's wrong. (Even if there is nothing wrong, I'm just contained in my own world.) It's not exactly a publicity creator for me.
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    Looking on this site here: I see the theory that 60 to 70% of the population favour one wing over the other, while the remaining 30 or so percent use both wings. In that case I would put myself in the second category, because when I read descriptions of 4w5 I identify more with that than with the descriptions of 4w3, yet compared with a 4w5 friend I'm much more self-presenting, deceitful, pushing myself forward, etc. I really can recognise my 3 wing. Like if somebody gives me an opportunity to publicise my workshops over the radio I just jump at it, and then behave on the air in a full-tilt self-projecting way that leaves me embarrassed afterwards.

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