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  • 8w9

    6 33.33%
  • 9w8

    1 5.56%
  • 2w3

    1 5.56%
  • 2w1

    1 5.56%
  • 4w3

    4 22.22%
  • 3w2

    1 5.56%
  • 3w4

    4 22.22%
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    Ruler of the Stars Asterion's Avatar
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    May 2009
    5 sp/sx


    I kind of get E3 vibes from Mr. Boy of Elves now that I think about it. Or at least that's how I typed someone I know who I think is similar to Elfboy.

    Quote Originally Posted by mal12345 View Post
    The 9s (one of the shell types) sometimes looks inside for themselves when they should by looking outside for their center. In this case, the answer to yourself, as a 9, is not in the enneagram or any other typology. The most the 9 can get out of this is to find that the answer isn't here. Or they can get some idea of how to be productive in their lives, e.g., aptitude testing. Otherwise, the 9 can waste years trying to find out who they are because they're looking in the wrong place, the wrong direction.

    A good saying that the type 9 should always keep in mind - "When you stare into the void, the void stares back at you."
    That quote is going to be in my head forever now .
    5 3 9

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    I'm 90% settled on 7w8 with a slight possibility of 8w7
    ENFP: We put the Fi in Fire
    5w4>1w9>2w1 Sx/Sp
    Papa Bear
    Motivation: Dark Worker
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Chibi Seme
    MTG Color: black/red
    Male Archtype: King/Lover
    "You are a gay version of Gambit" Speed Gavroche
    "I wish that I could be affected by any hate, but I can't, cuz I just get affected by the bank" Chamillionaire

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