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Thanks! I feel compelled to spoiler my reply because it runs more personal about sx-last than I'm comfortable occupying the full page space with in an sx/so thread, though it may be of relevance as a comparison to sx.

On sx/so 4w5, I don't have examples but can imagine the type and believe that any variant on a core is possible. However, I do suspect some variants will show up more often than others in types with traits that they reinforce. So, while an sp-last 4w5 is possible, I don't expect there to be as many of them as the other variants among 4w5s. However, sx-first in general may be more frequent in 4s than it would be among other cores.
I totally agree with your last paragraph here, likeliness of instincts for 4's might go something like Sx/Sp, Sp/Sx, So/So, Sp/Sp, So/Sp, Sx/So.

As to everything else, I so loved reading your response about your instinctual place in your family vs. the world and your actual need for intimacy (despite being Sp first). I kind of don't want to reply too much here, since most of it was your experience (nothing to add, just glad to hear your insight! ) I must however, comment on how cool the locked box picture to describe instincts is, and this question: "if you could only satisfy one instinct, which would you be the most psychologically functional living on whilst totally deprived of the other two?". Mine is undoubtedly Sx. Such a great way to pinpoint instincts (if the person understands what each one is, anyway)!

I thought I'd point you to this thread I just started to compile a better look at exactly what we are talking about here, the variety among types in the Enneagram!