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Thread: Am I an 8?

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    Default Am I an 8?

    I initially thought I was a 4w3, but I looked a little more into it and some of the traits of 4 sounded nothing like me. my friend who is an INTJ 8w7 thinks that I'm an 8 too and says I'm more 8-ish than he is sometimes. either way tho, I have a lot of traits of both 8w9 (but not 8w7) and 4w3.

    1) creative, independent, artistic, fantasy prone..all the iconic 4 personality traits
    2) I am terrified of not being authentic and unique and I can't stand the idea of "fitting in"
    3) I'm extremely feminine, moreso than I feel most 8s would be (although my INTJ friend has pretty feminine tastes and he feels that that has nothing to do with it)
    4) I'm also more sympathetic than I feel an 8 would be (but only within reason. If someone is suffering because they're stupid, I don't really care)
    5) 4w3 is called "The Aristocrat" and ever since I was very young, I've felt that I was some kind of royalty and have always liked things that were fancy and sophisticated
    6) I have the 4 tendency to withdraw and deal with my emotions if they get in my way.
    7) I care about being strong, but I don't care about being "tough"
    8) most of the time, I just like to relax by myself and drink tea. I chuckle at people who are out their working 60 hours a week and thinking that makes them higher status.
    9) I detest any kind of administrative work or any kind of work that doesn't yield high reward
    10) I don't believe I was as naturally strong as a kid as an 8 would be. that didn't really come until around high school.

    1) I usually test 8
    2) I'm not an emotional person, and people who are really emotional bother me (my FJ 2w1 parents both bother me SO much)
    3) if someone is suffering from their own stupidity, I'm pretty much like "shut the fuck up and deal with it"
    4) similarly, I feel much more gut center than feeling center
    5) I am terrified of being dependent on people and demand independence
    6) I am extremely ambitious and people think that my goals are crazy
    7) if anyone gets in my way, I will destroy them either physically, financially or socially
    8) when people are mentally weak, it bothers me a lot
    9) I don't think I'm domineering at all, but people tell me I am XP
    10) NO ONE gives me orders (although I have no particular desire to give others orders. communicating as equals is the only way effective communication can take place)
    11) my 4 tendencies may just be from being INFP as opposed to 4. a 4-ish INFP 8 seems more likely an 8-ish INFP 4.
    12) I socialy bitch slap people all the time if they are being a douche bag. even if they're 50 years old.
    13) similarly, I do the same thing if someone is being condescending
    14) I don't have a tendency to pick fights (quite frankly I detest people who do)...but I do enjoy finishing them

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    i don't think looking at traits is a good way to assess such things

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    It's hard to tell from what you wrote but you seem to be a bit more 8 than 4. Maybe seeing do you relate more to going to 5 or 2 in stress could help you?
    INFPs can be 8.

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