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Thread: for all e1s...

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    Default for all e1s...

    How do you see yourself in relation to e1s of different mbti types? Have any insightful anythings to bring to the table?

    Non e1s?

    thinking of you

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    to be honest, i'm relatively new to ennegram and i don't actually see a whole lot of other e1s so i'm not sure how much helpful input I have. Although i will say that at first i guess i i was a little bit surprised that e1 doesn't appear to be more common for NFPs.

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    Introverted Intuition (37.5)
    Introverted Thinking(26.5)
    Extraverted Feeling (25.4)
    Extraverted Thinking (22.1)
    Extraverted Sensing (19.5)
    Introverted Sensing (17.0)

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    standards standards standards standards. belief in practical reason, developing standards, and a tendency to privilege those constructs over what can at times be deemed "excuses".

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    Okay. What are E1s?
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    Being an INFJ and a secondary 1, I aim for correctness and flawlessness in insights, analysis, empathy, and interaction with people. But none of the four are ever, really, flawless.

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    INFP 1 is much rarer than ENFP 1 (5%), thats all i know

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    Quote Originally Posted by candylandjoe View Post
    How do you see yourself in relation to e1s of different mbti types? Have any insightful anythings to bring to the table?

    Non e1s?
    I'm a 1, and I've met a few INFJ 1s, and the big difference I've found relates to venting about personal things. The INFJs will vent their resentment at close friends and family purely for the sake of venting - i.e. cathartically letting out everything they were holding in previously. Whereas I, as an ESTJ 1, usually vent at my close friends/family ONLY about things that are confusing/frustrating to me, that I can't figure out how to deal with, and I vent so that I can start a dialogue where both me and the friend/family member come up with ideas as to how to fix the issue. In fact, when I say "I need to vent", and it's not about something petty*, it's usually my way of saying "I'm feeling traumatized and I need your advice."

    *What I mean by that is, the INFJs and I all have a habit of venting about things we've seen that WEREN'T DONE CORRECTLY. Although I think I'm more likely to actually DO something about it. For example, letting library volunteers know that one of the library computers is having a problem, instead of just getting upset about it, adding it to the list of the day's grievances, and moving on. (I don't mean this in a bad/derogatory way at all.)
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    Default Well...

    As an INTJ with a 1w2 Enneagram type, I tend to have a couple of different filters through which my perfectionism can be seen, which are my top cognitive functions:

    Introverted intuition is quite similar to the Strengths Finder strength of Strategic, at least based on the descriptions of each. This would be something shared between INTJ and INFJ in terms of a dominant function and can be quite interesting to "just know" stuff and not quite get how I know something. Being able to tap into the stuff I don't know I know is quite cool in its own odd way. People strong in the Strategic theme create alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues. This seems like figuring out things in some ways and is a rather cool strength to have.

    Extroverted thinking has that tapping into logic to see the world and appreciate structure to things. That there is an order as to how the world comes together. Being somewhat detail-oriented, I can sometimes score as an ISTJ that would also have this function near the top. It isn't a bad way to decide things and figure out how to navigate in the world.

    My other functions, introverted feeling and extroverted sensing, are also used to some degree but not nearly as much so while I may have a sense of these functions they aren't quite as developed as my main ones.

    My 2-wing is useful in tempering my desire to be perfect all the time. There is a balance to be struck where in helping someone else I do have to take action and can't just be always practicing and preparing, as much as I would like to do that. I'm not sure how many 1s have a 2-wing though so I might be rare in that dimension of things. I'm not sure how well that answers the question though.

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