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    Default What do stressed out 9's look like?


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    when i am really stressed--
    i don't talk about my problems to anyone. sometimes i even avoid people completely.
    i get very annoyed and argumentative and angry if somebody tries to reach out to me.
    i get really closeminded
    i get tons and tons of untapped energy, physical energy that HAS TO BE LET OUT.

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    Very, very quiet. I think it depends on the level of stress though. Under extreme stress, the extreme opposite is true.

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    A medium amount makes me super efficient, actually. More stress makes me kind of avoidant. Even more stress makes me have a little bit of a meltdown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by perfectgirl View Post
    Very, very quiet. I think it depends on the level of stress though. Under extreme stress, the extreme opposite is true.
    I'm this way too. My fiance started freaking out because I was being really quiet the last couple of weeks. He didn't understand that I was just stressed and didn't have a whole lot too say because I was too busy thinking everything through in my head.

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    When stressed in a bad way (frustration, not getting things done, being dumped on, dealing with situations I can't control, etc) I can get very touchy and emotional (basically a 180 of my usual self). I will withdraw, "I don't need your help, please go away and let me think" is what I'm thinking if not saying. I can drop the ball BAD on things that are "peripheral" to me (but shouldn't be) like prior social engagements, paying bills, etc. People get pissed off, for good reason.

    I also agree that moderate stress can force me to focus/be more productive, but past a certain point (uncontrollable) it probably makes me less efficient on top of things.


    I will also add:

    I have a bad tendency to take on more than I should, and to accommodate more than I should. Some part of me knows this, so when extreme stress hits, these things get dropped like a hot rock. Suddenly I'm not willing to bend/flex when I would before, I'm not willing to do things I did without complaint before. This can surprise/hurt people.
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