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    Default How do fives show affection generally?

    For me, something that has played a big part in understanding where I stand with a five, is learning, acknowledging and appreciating, how they might give the 'green light'. Obviously instinctual variants, love styles, jungian type, and other things factor in as to how a type 5 might reciprocate. But generally how, who, when, why do fives reciprocate? subjective individual answers will be helpful too.

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    Personally, when it comes to romance I don't have much problems with being intimate and open with the person. For me, the "green" (or "red") light happens mostly at the beginning when I get my immediate and instinctive feeling about the other person. If I like the potential and vibe I pick up, I don't have a problem with going further and if there are no compatibility problems, the person isn't crazy, etc. things go pretty smoothly unless they do something that makes me feel unsafe. If this happens, I can withdraw very, very much. I am happily married with someone who makes me feel super safe, and I am pretty open and affectionate, etc.

    I seem to be picky though. Not on purpose, more because I have to really like the feeling I get (I think because I am sx-instinct first), and this doesn't happen very often, plus I am really sensitive (typical of 5). I am similar with picking friends.
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