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    Quote Originally Posted by The_World_As_Will View Post
    Hi there Rachel, Thanks for responding!, ah Yes I do the same. Although asking provocative questions is always a good thing IMO (others don't think so :/). Do you think that you do this because you want to make an impact, or perhaps a way to test the waters with others?. I think this kind of 'probing' comes off as pretty intense for people... but Intensity can be a good thing, What do you think?.
    I ask questions because i want to make an impact. I guess i want others realize that there is more than one way to think about a particular issue or topic. I do it as a way to test the waters as well. Sometimes, i'm just curious what people think - it helps me to learn more about people and indirectly what shapes culture, attitudes, and feelings.

    Intensity can be good but it depends on who, how, and why. I think too much intensity can make others uncomfortable and feel imposed upon which is understandable. On the other hand, sometimes intensity makes others more aware of how important something is. Additionally, intensity is a way for individuals to express passionate interests/beliefs - show a part of our personality; express those things which we find important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTPness View Post
    I identify with a lot of that, although I've always thought myself to be 5w4 sx/sp.

    I see just about all of it in myself, except I lean a little more towards the "withdrawing to regain independence and security". I don't do this just once in a while, I do it often. So, I'm just as intense, creative, and willing to push the envelope (fight for change, etc, etc.), but I'm not quite as social as what I read in these descriptions. I retreat a little bit more. The description seems to imply that the sx/so seek to attach to the outer world and then retreat when necessary. I'm more likely to stay detached and then seek to attach when I find it necessary or desirable.

    When I read the descriptions, it gives me an image of a more outgoing INTP than myself - maybe more comfortable and willing to pursue things that involve people, but still very similar to myself. Interesting read!
    I'll expand on this idea a bit.

    Regarding intensity, I won't deny feeling it, but at the same time would suggest that it rarely affects others (from my perspective as an sp/so) because I withdraw so often. I'd like to get into those who bowl other 5s over, because that's way more frequent an occurrence for me.

    I think people misinterpret this as shyness. In response, I'd say that I just strongly prefer learning what I want to know about them without their explicitly verbalized permission. Make slight contact. Listen to a portion while absorbing other signals. Cut loose.

    Not for sale. Well, maybe.

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