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    9s need to align their actions with their thoughts and feelings. Being in the attachment triad (3, 6, 9), average to unhealthy 9s compartmentalize their centers (head, heart, gut), meaning that as a gut type, they are susceptible to not acting on their feelings and thoughts (contrary to type 8 who over-acts). It's not that they don't have them, they just don't always follow them. That is their sloth.
    Perpetual mood

    "It is not the personality's task to tell the truth,
    but to seem to, try to, or try to seem to."

    Philip Trussell

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    yes, deep poke pain, ime

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    For me hmmm my pain avoidance shows in hmmm I push away the negative and numb my feelings out its like a sort of internal pain killer I have like when I don't feel good I take a nap, watch something I love, do something that makes me feel at ease e.t.c until it passes over.
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    It’s like, let’s say I’m angry at the (adult) kids because they’re not cleaning up after themselves. I’m angry. I acknowledge the anger. But, if I say something, it will just cause more problems “I didnt make that mess, my sister did.” If I call them out, then I’m calling them a liar and perhaps the sister did make the mess. I didn’t see it. Would I punish the wrong person? That’s unacceptable.
    I’ll go and lecture the other kids, but everyone blames someone else.
    I throw my hands in the air. Let the house rot into the ground then, I don’t care.

    It’s easier to bury my head in the sand and retreat to my own corner than to cause tension.

    Now, let’s say I have a wound in my mouth. A canker sore or whatever. It will drive me bananas because I know it’s there. I’ll put salt on a finger and keep my finger over the wound. It burns like the dickens but I love it. It’s a “pleasant” pain. That does make me feel better.
    Yet, if I accidentally picked up a bottle of salt water and swished it in my mouth, I would get close to passing out from that “unbearable” pain. No, stupid Brain. It just took me by surprise and triggered my syncope.
    If I knew it was salt water ahead of time, I would have the pain pleasurable

    Pain is multi-layer and very subjective.
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