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Thread: 3w4 vs. 4w3

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    I am an ENFP 3w4.. although I am capable of being individual in the way I think, I only like this because I know it might get me somewhere in the future and not because I like the idea of being different to everyone else.. I think if I was a 4w3, this would be the opposite way around..

    Instead of seeing individualism as a tool to success, I would see success as a platform to show my individualism.

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    Fours dwell in their emotional pain and so they come across as melancholic. Threes repress such feelings, so they come off a lot colder.
    Sometimes, the only realists are the dreamers. - Paul Wellstone

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    I just wanted to put this in here, it cleared it up for me.

    Helen Palmer says:
    There are 3 types of E4's. Some of them are almost E3 look alikes, they are extremely competitive, and tear around like 3s.( Some of the 4W3 subtypes. ) They are so active, that they never are depressed!

    One of the biggest differences between 4w3 and 3w4 is

    4w3: turns to activity to avoid depression and sorrow (this is me)
    3w4: uses work to affirm themselves, more task oriented, wants to be successful, productive and talented.
    So 4w3 uses 3 charactoristics to control or alter feelings, but its always about the feelings, while 3w4 may use 4 charactoristics to give a certain bent to their work, that provides them validation. but its always about validation.

    Obviously this is not an absolute, but given the surveys and comparisons I've seen, to me it seems like

    3w2 EFJ moderate N/S division
    3w4 ENF moderate P/J divisoin
    4w3 NFP moderate I/E division
    4w5 INP moderate T/F division
    Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun - Watts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhapsody View Post
    I am really curious about what the difference is between these two types as well. I don't think I have a firm grasp of how 3w4 and 4w3 differ, but here's what I understand to be the differences between 3 and 4 (without taking wings into account). Maybe this still applies when the wings are brought in as well ... (quotes taken from

    3: More likely to deal with emotions by pushing them aside and immersing themselves in work.

    4: More likely to deal with emotions by immersing themselves in/exploring the emotions, and won't be able to focus on work until their emotions have been processed.

    3: Greatest fear is "being worthless."

    4: Greatest fear is having "no identity or personal significance" (which is really similar to the 3's greatest fear, now that I think about it ...)

    3: Respond to stress by becoming numb and tuning reality out like an unhealthy 9.

    4: Respond to stress by becoming overly involved with and attached to other people like an unhealthy 2.

    3: Personal growth leads them to become less self-involved and "more cooperative and committed to others" like healthy 6s.

    4: Personal growth leads them to become more "objective and principled" like healthy 1s.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chloe View Post
    According to this I'd be 4. And I'm not. So this is not criteria in which one can really tell apart 3 and 4.

    I think even here my fear more corresponds to 4's fears. And yes, it's very similar. Again, 3 feels less fear. Is aware of less fears. 3s busy so not acknowledges her fears, which fits good into having 6 "Soul child" that is very fearful and 3s run away most from fear.

    I think this is the best way to tell wether someone is 3 or 4. I always have that 3 to 9 shift when I am very stressed. Not going out of the bed thing, not caring about most stuff.

    Facing stress 3 would make million plans at once, even have adrenalin rush and after some/all of it fails, or simply reality strikes, 3 will go to 9, feeling lethargic, wanting to sleep much and not caring.

    Shifting to to 2 when you're stressed is very different. I have 4 friend who when is really stressed becomes very nurturing towards people (he's NT!), and normaly he is self absorbed 4.
    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    the line to draw between the two is, when it comes down to the wire, is she more concerned about being original, or maintaining a consistent persona? the true 4 will sacrifice what others think of them to make a personal statement, whereas the true 3 will sacrifice originality to be what they see as their ideal self. the 4 will dive into emotion to protect themself; the 3 will shut down emotion to protect themself.

    from what i have experienced personally, 4w3 tends to come off more dynamic and 3w4 more cold. 4w3 more colorful and 3w4 more polished. 4w3 is more obvious about putting on a show. 3w4 is always putting on a show, so it is more discreet, in some ways.
    Quote Originally Posted by sulfit View Post
    3w4 is more assertive but less individualistic. When making decisions, will watch which way the wind blows, especially if the person is a social variant.
    4w3 is less assertive, more moody and withdrawn, but more independent and individualistic in self-expression.
    3 will disintegrate to 9 and become slothful, lazy, and uncaring, while 4 will disintegrate towards 2 and become emotionally manipulative, privilege-seeking. Intergration/disintegration lines are a good way to tell which one is your main type, further descriptions.
    I was pretty set on being a 4w3 based on descriptions but I took four tests yesterday just to confirm and surprise, surprise: got 3w4 in three of them, with it as a second option in the last one.

    Based on this, the type 3 mindset is the same as mine, will have to take a good look into it now.

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