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    Quote Originally Posted by toast View Post
    My bf has all the characteristics of an 5w4 sometimes and then switches to what looks just like 7w8. Its honestly about half and half. What's weird is he seems conflicted between the two, like he wants to behave & be identified by the behavior of 4w5 sometimes with total certainty, but then want the qualities of 7w8 at other times.

    He generally has the 5w4 behavior when he is getting alone time or recharging, and also when he's depressed. Then the 7w8 comes out when he has energy & feels like socializing.

    What's going on here?
    Well 5 and 7 are connected, but in a negative way. 7 integrates into 5, which basically means that a 7 will take on the positive traits of the 5 when they feel confident and comfortable in a situation. It's the flip side for type 5's, when they are uncomfortable or in stress they will take on negative traits of the 7.

    Here's a question though, what does he exactly do when he acts like a 5 or acts like a 7?
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    If a system is made correctly, no.

    I think this problem may come up with the Enneagram a lot because the type profiles are described by more variables than 9 types can actually encompass.

    However, the type descriptions in the Enneagram are pretty mutually exclusive. So I can see how you might have a hard time figuring out which type someone is, but not why you might think someone is two types.
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    People can sometimes behave in a way that their real type doesn't condone due to pressure from external variables to change their behavior.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustHer View Post
    Isnt he an ISTP?

    5 probably describes his dom Ti behaviour while 7 describes his aux Se behaviour.
    This seems the most likely.

    I am sure of how well I know him, and this isn't an issue of me taking enneagram too seriously. I understand there are variables & behavior that can't be attached into type. This was a question I brought up because, one: He seems to deviate 50/50... so I honestly can't tell whether its more 5 to 7 or 7 to 5. two: I don't have a thorough understanding of the connections between expressing 7 behaviors when you're more a 5 or visa versa. So the post has served its purpose.
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