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    Quote Originally Posted by B1lly_B1lly View Post
    It's hard to argue with what you just said as you only give reasons to discreditate someone who will disagree with you, and you say in your last sentence you will aknowledge the person more than what they are saying ...
    To clarify, I wouldn't argue with you on proclaiming your type. If you say you're INFP/8, then sure. People tell me at times I'm not ENFP, or I'm not type 8, and it irritates the fuck out of me. So I wouldn't say that to you. I don't know you, and if you say you're an elephant that's gained the ability to type and understand English, I wouldn't argue with you necessarily. Even if I would think it highly improbable.

    As for being attracted to the macho points of the 8 you are absolutly wrong in my case. I feel like I am like this and I want to get away from them, as said before the anger/kind of arrogant and heartless outlook is harming me a lot but those traits that have becomes part of my personnality now were made to protect some deeper and more sensible traits that have been put at suffer earlier in my experience.
    The fact you're trying to move away from this attitude because it's doing negative things to your lifestyle is another reason why I'd strongly argue you are not type 8. Rather than instinctively adapting to your personality style, you're saying yourself here that something is WRONG with the way you're performing. These traits of wanting to protect and be controlling are manifesting poorly.

    This is a common mistype for a disintegrated 2, especially males, often due to a desire to seem like a more "manly" or powerful personality type. However, there is nothing innately more masculine or powerful or more feminine or weak about any of the personality types, especially when healthy. There are only different inner motivations and different resulting patterns of behavior.

    An 8 or 8-winger disintegrating can actually look quite different from a 2 disintegrating. The 2 needs to see his enemies writhing in pain and he feels entitled to it. He doesn't plan so much as to manipulate and cajole for awhile before letting his heart lead him to outbursts of anger when he just can't take it anymore. The 2 manipulates warmly or fiercely, while the 8 positions coolly and coldly. When the 8 explodes, it is his anger at the situation caused more than out of exasperation that he recieves no gratitude. Beneath the disintegrated 8's aggressiveness is a cold, heartless, thinker-killer. He will enact revenge without needing to watch the person suffer like the embittered 2 may desire.
    Source: The Enneagram Blogspot: Type 2: Love-Seeker

    I know you just stated that you're not trying to look more manly.. I believe you when you say that. So don't disregard the entire post just for the beginning sentence. It is a common symptom of young feeler men. Let's get straight to the meat of things.

    While this description isn't attractive at all and a bit extreme, it is easy to see standard daily scenarios of the differences. While an 8 would walk into the DMV prepared to deal with a little bullshit, realize a lot of bullshit is getting thrown at them, and look for calculating ways to bring control back to the situation... the type 2-turned-8 would be angry, indignant, and seeking validation for that anger through his acts, disguising it as justified/helping others/themselves in any number of ways, and manifest that anger in a generally negative fashion. The 8 isn't angry at what was done to them, they are angry they lost control of the situation and cannot regain it despite preparation and effort. The 2 is angry that the DMV screwed them over in the first place, deflating their ego and invalidating their intentions as a result.

    Like I said, a 2 can mistype as an 8 by displaying so many of the same traits to the point where it seems absolutely logical that an 8 would be the choice even for an INFP--but the real, deep down reasons behind why those traits are manifesting are what create the types in the first place.. and it is that motivation that sets them apart.

    I've mentioned before on the forum I see tons of flaws with MBTI in general.. I like the ennetype system and prefer it, but it is also unreliable and as others have written about on here the wings seem very arbitrary and lacking focus on why a '2' is in the '2' slot at all versus being closer to the 8 with the ability to grab a wing there. So it isn't flawless.

    But a good rule of thumb is to see the absolute negative things. Think of yourself at your worst.. the self-awareness you have about when you were just a terrible, asshole of a shitbag and probably didn't deserve anything nice from anyone ever in that moment--even if those moments were only thoughts in your own head and you're actually a good person. THEN read the negatives of the types, the description of the types at their absolute worst.. relate that to you. Could you see yourself slipping into that? Becoming that monster in the description? If not... I'd say the type isn't yours. And the thing about INFPs is.. they're great people. It's a great personality type. The negative type 8 description is just a monstrosity.. to me, it's the worst of the bunch in terms of potential damage done to the self and others. I just don't see INFPs being capable of slipping into that sort of monster. A different one, sure.. but not that one.

    I'm not trying to convince you to not be type 8 or anything. You are what you are. I just want to cast some light on the real potential for alternatives. The types only help us understand if we actually know our true types. If we don't.. then we didn't get the system at all, and then it's useless as a tool of any sort.
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    Alright kyuuei ! very interesting points you are bringing out I'll try to dig into that ! Which source do you think would give the most accurate negatives descriptions of the types 2 and 8. I'll try to do that exercise of thinking of the worst of me ^^

    Thanks small.wonder, I believe it would be interesting to go deeper with the tritype and try to get the global picture ! I think I will try to dig more around the general enneagram theory and then redo a complete test to see what's coming up ! and also the type me thread is interesting but I doubt it would be very effective looking at how others threads went ! It's seems to go in every directions since everybody is tryting to say something more or less useful ^^

    Thanks again guys for your patience and advises I'll let you know what I found out after following your suggestions !

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    Quote Originally Posted by B1lly_B1lly View Post
    That makes no sense at all ! the intuition is by definition coming from your guts ! where the Sensing form is coming from your brain and and the receptors of your senses ... The gut center is the intuitition and the intuitition is from the gut center.

    Enneagram Central - Centers

    the gut center type "They have a different approach than thinkers; they have an intuitive "gut feeling" way of making their way through the world...they also are often highly intuitive"

    Clearly an NF and not an ST
    Ni and Ne are both functions with a very mental energy. I'd see INTxs most comfortably sitting in 5 territory and most INFxs in 4 territory. You are clutching at straws and misdefining and misaligning the jargon to suit your purposes here.

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    It might work out if both the Eight and the INFP were self-actualized people. Healthy Eights seem like they would actually do very well with an INFP, esp. if they had a Nine wing.
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    Must. Reply! (this topic is one of the reasons I joined TypoC in the first place)

    It's possible to be an INFP 8. But it was more likely to happen if the intro/extro rate is quite balanced (between 51-65% of introversion). More than that, they would be too, "soft-hearted" and thus doesn't fit into 8's act of bluntness.

    INFP 8w9 has more chance of happening in real world.
    INFP 8w7...if they do exist, I think of them as heartful adventurers hiking a mountain. And when they've reached the top, they'll shout, "WORLD IS MINE!!!1!", not realizing their shouting (Disney logic incoming) shatters the snow on the mountain. (sorry)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artemistry View Post
    It's true that admitting to the weaknesses of the Eight "position" does seem to create a vulnerability contrary to an Eight's predisposition. However, there are a few things I've learned in regards in my search for coming into my 'higher' self. One is that having secrets or hiding vulnerabilities (even, and especially, from one's self) is in itself a weakness. Another is the reality that despite my desire to be strong, the reality is that I do have vulnerabilities, even if it appears that I don't in comparison to others. Another is that by exposing my "weaknesses" or that which I'm ashamed of, I can cause the shame to evaporate - by facing the truth of myself, and befriending it, I take away the power it has to control me, and empowers me to make choices instead of acting impulsively from a place of repression.

    Several years ago, I watched the movie "Monster" which was about Aileen Wournos, a female serial killer. I found that labels like "monster" create a false separation in one's mind - a Me vs. Not Me, and this is not helpful. Empathy for her, rather than condemnation, seems to be in order, because the reality is that she was imprisoned by her own suffering, which caused her to act out from her place of disempowerment. If we cannot find a place in ourselves with which to be empathetic for others who have done horrible things, then we cannot find a place in ourselves to forgive those acts which are damaging to others, or ourselves. This is, to me, the ultimate weakness. So, my willingness and ability to see those "darker" parts of myself, really comes from a place of the Eight: to find a way to be strong and gain/maintain control and power. Which means, in some ways, that I have not fully transcended my Eightness.
    I can relate to this as a (mostly) CP 6.

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