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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzcrossed View Post
    Babylon, I can't thank you enough; that was exactly what I was looking for.
    yeah me too that was very helpful

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    Default aww

    Don't let the fire die!

    I would like to know more about us Enneagram 1s and 9w8. ENFJ here and Prot I totally got your postings and then found out you were a 1 and that explained A LOT. Yeah the mushy 2 ENFJ's are not similar to us 1's. I am a lot more harsh (for lack of better word?) than them I think and come across more intimating and ENTJish especially at work.

    I am a 1, 2, and the 7 sometimes 1,7, then 2 last. Depends on the day I take the test but always so variant and then sx.
    So I can't totally knock the ENFJ 2s cause I am probably a close 2 but I go through periods of being helper and nurturer and then when I have completed that I snap out into reformer and self-strong one. Hard to explain.

    * Also side note Prot the survey thread ( where you answered the question, of friendships:
    "They also check me when I get out of control, which I appreciate. I have about 5-7 friends arranged in a concentric circle of which I'm the nucleus. Not everyone I hang out with is a friend, but I can have a good time or decent conversation with most of the people I meet."

    Totally on! Has it ruined the group for you when another leader steps in?
    Extroverted (E) 67.74% Introverted (I) 32.26%
    Intuitive (N) 51.72% Sensing (S) 48.28%
    Feeling (F) 51.61% Thinking (T) 48.39%
    Judging (J) 69.44% Perceiving (P) 30.56%

    Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||||||||||| 83%

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