I identified as a 2 for quite a while, mostly because who I strove to be seemed embodied as the 2 at the apex of development. I felt a bit sickened upon reading the unhealthy levels, though. Ew. Gross.

I had a hard time believing I'd ever been that way, and I doubted that I had not sunk low on the ladder of emotional health. I couldn't see myself doing some of the stuff (being coercive? domineering? hypochondrial, histrionic?), but the two's description seemed to anticipate my skepticism by adding in "self-deceptive"

Damn. Well played, enneagram. Well played.

Then back on INFPgc, one of the members there made some very insightful observations and showed how 9s can misidentify as 2s or 4s. What do you know? Upon closer examination, I found I fit the bill. The unhealthy levels sounded far more familiar than those of a 2.


Of course, I'mma still strive to embody the best of the 2

Anyways, other 2s I've known have been perfectly lovely people. I don't know them personally, I haven't delved into the depths of their psyches, I don't know their secrets, their mistakes, their life story- but as coworkers, schoolmates and acquaintances? Yup, they are wonderful

Seriously though, I admire how much positivity they put out and how big their heart is. Seeing a 2 do what they do best is inspiring to me.