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    Default Why 9s like personality typings more than other types?i

    I had a thought about why I was so interested in finding my personality typing and getting it right in the first place and I realized that it’s because I have no idea who I really am. Before now I sometimes felt like I didn’t have a personality of my own or would have trouble talking about who I am and what I value when asked. I have a poor sense of self awareness. I chased so hard after a personality type because I wanted it to tell me who I was, as I had no idea myself. If that makes sense. I still doubt it frequently, mainly because I’m unsure if I’m really really right, because I don’t have a strong grasp of who I am. I was wondering if this was a common thing or if there is some kind of a connection here? Maybe 9s are over represented in things like this? For similar reasons?
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    Im not a 9 core, but I have a 9 fix. I feel very much the same way with my identity. The lack of certainty, and desire to discover who I am. Its really quite odd, because sometimes I feel my identity is strong, but the moment it comes in comparison to others it faulters and seems to weaken. It definitely has to do with boundaries. 9s don't seem to have them, and that means we get overwhelmed and kinda "mix" with others. 9s probably adopt traits of people they are around. Resulting in less individual identity.

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    I listened to that song wayyyyy too friggin much in my 20's. I still felt some pings in my 30's and now (at, almost, 45), I sometimes doubt I've ever questioned my identity
    But I'm still all about the journey and discovering all the ins and outs, quarks and pitfalls.

    As Exolvuntur pointed out though (and I'm not sure if it's universally true), I used to be quite the chameleon. Being able to retreat from the world has helped, considerably, in finding and accepting myself. Not everyone is able to isolate themselves to the extent I have, though. So, I just recommend withdrawing as often as possible and soul searching when you can.
    Perhaps it's because of that or just a byproduct of getting older, but I'm secure in my identity. I tell everyone that, other than dealing with more aches and pains, everything [that makes/breaks the person] gets better with age

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    9s having a blindspot to self is mentioned in many descriptions. I would say I built up an identity which I cling to and is very sacred to me, but I tend to suppress a lot of the icky stuff. Getting me to go with a core 9 was a pain for people, and a pain for myself and on some level, I guess you could say I don't completely own it... I mean, the 9 description fits but when I read it, I want to say that on it's own doesn't tell the full story of my personality, but pairing it up with other parts of my type (my instinctual variants, my MBTI, my other tritype components) it tells a complete story. I am pretty introspective in my own right but there is stuff about me that may not make me see the whole picture about myself. and I suck at processing my own emotions

    Some people have said I'm like a 9-meme or literally a 9 stereotype, but I think my personality goes far beyond that and is more complicated, even if my 9 drives are part of what make me me. I will agree I'm a meme of a 9 with a 5w4 fix, but the simplifying it to being just a 9 meme is being where I draw the line, people may say I don't have enough of a sense of humor about myself.

    But it is true, sometimes people who are close to me point out things about myself that I wasn't even aware of. Another thing is, I internalize on a lot of things, and sometimes, people may project onto me and interpret me the wrong way.
    8w7-3w2-7w8 sx/so

    Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak Gems stronger, and I hope that all of that sniveling backstabbing organic weakling Water Sheep's wool is forever soggy!

    Choleric-Sanguine, Gryffindor
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    i have never felt like typology was useful for self discovery (for me)... the best i can do is provide a sort of shorthand description for others as to who i am... i am terrible at externalized self definition (likely because i don't care for myself)... i know who i am, but finding a way to externalize it is hard... more so because i am very adaptable, and a lot of it is contingent on circumstances...

    the best way to find who you are is to test it; place yourself in new circumstances and see what happens...

    i am not sure how well i do or don't relate to having difficulty identifying with a core self... it feels like it is sort of a weird idea... nothing about me won't change if i fuck with it... when it is all so mutable, is it really anything at all? what is under all of the bullshit i shuffle around? i don't know... i am not certain it matters to me or is very odd being so selfaware, yet not certain what aspects matter...
    "The only intelligent tactical response to life’s horror is to laugh defiantly at it.”
    ― søren kierkegaard

    “Most men are not wicked... They are sleep-walkers, not evil evildoers.”
    ―franz kafka

    “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”
    ― kurt vonnegut
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    I always found it kind of hard to pin down my real personally since I tend to merge and mirror others which means I am a shapeshifter of a kind. Being able to narrow that down to being a 9 was a big step in self discovery

    It's like my personally is like a fairy bouncing from person to person absorbing energy and personally from one another but the traits I get I think stick with me.
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