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    Quote Originally Posted by The Tsarevich View Post
    You may see my tritype listed under my avatar. I wrote 478 because you list the tritype numerically with the lowest number first. However, that is not necessarily the order I actually use the types.

    I used to think 468 tritype; it's the one I intuitively identify with, and I typed as 6 for so long that, well. It was a necessary step in the journey.

    Katherine Fauvre thinks I'm 5-fixed, for the record. But I don't. (Still, anyone with a better idea is welcome to challenge it.)
    Have you been interviewed and typed by them? Was it worth the money?

    I'm inclined to agree with 458 for you, for what it's worth which isn't much. I've seen you approach and own some pretty dark places, which a 7 would want to avoid and sugar coat.
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    either 479 or 471
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Deadpan View Post
    Have you been interviewed and typed by them? Was it worth the money?

    I'm inclined to agree with 458 for you, for what it's worth which isn't much. I've seen you approach and own some pretty dark places, which a 7 would want to avoid and sugar coat.
    Yeah, I was interviewed. I didn't think it was worth it from an enneagram perspective--perhaps because I'd already done the research and knew myself fairly well and was just interested in what a professional might say. It was actually super-awkward. She admitted at the end she didn't have a super-clear read and didn't know me and might be wrong. What I found more valuable was that Katherine actually acknowledged things in my childhood that no one else had and which had caused me enormous difficulty. I won't get into them here (you can read all my other posts), but she was shocked that the adults just let this shit happen. That reaction in and of itself was worth the money I paid. I can't guarantee you will have a similar experience.

    Fwiw, Katherine also typed me as soc/sp. Does that seem right to anyone? It doesn't to me, and wouldn't explain my life story and values system very well, nor would it explain the liberation I got from typing as sx-first. But, anti-social soc-first would be a consideration at least. Someone who knew me well and knew the instincts well would have to explain why.

    As to 458. Briefly. When I first learned about tritype, my thoughts were like, OK, I'm some combination of 458. It makes sense when you look at my personality. The problem is, I don't identify with that description. Even a little. (Even the stuff Katherine told me about it off the record. Like no. Not me.) Then everyone on PerC told me I was a 6 because I identify with 4, 5, and 8, and that argument was already lost.

    Even after I left PerC, I still typed as 6-fixed forever, but in the end realized that I'd been looking for years for evidence of 6 and it just wasn't there. Five-fix, I also struggle to see where it specifically shows up, but if you disregard the descriptions, it makes infinitely more sense than 6. So you're not wrong there and you've said the reasons why.

    Katherine said, though, that a 7-fix is defined by constant ideas. And when push comes to shove, I have found that to be true. Not in an Ne way, but more a sense of dreaming of options and creating stories when I'm in a jam, or at worst, frenetic escapism and terror. I can probably elaborate on this in some future tritype thread, won't bore y'all here.
    *Need enneagram questionnaire?
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    9w1 5w4 4w5 sx/sp... there was a point where i listed it the five as 5w6... there are some people who spent a lot of time trying to convince me that it ought to be 5w4 9w1 2w3 sx/sp...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuu View Post
    8w7 5w? 2w3

    I'm uncertain one the 2nd wing because:
    - 4 my individuality is important to me but is not a fear nor a driving force. I have never feared that I am "too normal" nor do I feel the need to prove my individuality. I am me and what people think about that matters little.
    - 6 fear a lack of support. A lack of support is something that's hounded me for as long as I can remember so were it a fear I would be a nervous wreck 24/7. I am far from it. I'm used to it and prefer to do things on my own.

    Any input on this would be appreciated.
    I don't really know what this means since information on all tritypes is hard to come by.
    In that case I would go either double wing (what is legit option) or with counter-phobic 6 wing.

    Also you seem pretty similar to me in typing as well as dark life story. In other words after a certain point it is pointless to get emotionally involved in problems since otherwise you will go crazy. My 6 wing on my core is more about "sniffing problems ahead" than anything else.

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    5w6-3w4-1w9 according to this test: Enneagram Test - Tritype with Wings

    Seems very accurate! With this tritype, INTJ seems to make more sense. I'm certain I am INTP though, at least until I start questioning it next time (happens at least once a week).

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