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    Default I'm confused about my enneagram type

    When I was 16 I think I related most to an enneagram 1 because I was an extremely conservative christian, but then I went through a wild phase and most would consider me 7w8, but I was quite unstable. Now, I am finding more peace and stability and think I am just an extremely introverted entp because my intelligence makes me introverted so I come across as more of a 5 to myself even (at least in person), but really I have trouble identifying with one of the enneagram types. I think I repress myself sexually because of my religious upbringing so in that mode I can be more asexual and detached intellectually like an intp or a 5? But when my sex instinct kicks in I think I become much more 7 and happier. I have recently come to accept more of my subconscious so maybe this is why I'm just exploring the self more. I think I am definitely an sx first, but may have switched to sx/sp from sx/so for self preservation reasons. Any help?
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    One thing might help is to list the key elements of each enneagram type you relate to, and then list the parts that don't it. Might be a good way to start the conversation.

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    What are your fears? I would use that approach to find the type.

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