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    Default Thoughts or opinions? A 4w3 sp/sx with 3w4 sx/so

    Would greatly appreciate feedback if anyone knows what this would look like long term. We are both in mid 30's. I'm a 4w3 female either SP/SX or SX/SP tritype 469. I'm in a newer relationship with a male 3w4 SX/SO tritype 387. He seems very serious about the relationship & discusses marriage regularly. My last was a tumultuous long relationship with a 8w7 and might just be waiting for the shoe to drop. The 3w4 is so romantic & intense. He seems very territorial...calls texts multiple times a day. Cheating is a big fear he's expressed. Says he wants to have a family. I'm curious how we might do together long term. I'm fairly easy going, he's more dominant. Any opinions? I don't want another divorce...hoping to have a happy ever after if I marry again!

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    Didn't you already post this?

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